Warehouse Software Suite with Advanced Adaptability

Opto is an intelligent suite comprised of system and hardware-agnostic software products with the capability to efficiently and economically operate a warehouse or distribution center.
Technology Modules:

Robotic Technologies:

  • AutoStore
  • Movu Robotics
  • Geek+
  • t-Sort

Traditional Material Handling Systems:

  • AS/RS
  • Pick-To-Light
  • Conveyor
  • Voice
  • Sortation
  • RF Picking

Warehouse Automation Software at Any Scale

Opto delivers maximum integration capability, all through your warehouse automation process.
  • s-icon3 System-Agnostic:  Opto will work with any hardware or System Integrator.
  • s-icon2 People Focus: With fast adaptation time and guaranteed ease of use, your teams will see the value and impact they bring to their job.
  • s-icon1 Process Improvement: We elevate the operational workflow for maximum efficiency and excellence by enhancing precision and accuracy in your warehouse automation.
Warehouse Automation Software

Warehouse Automation Software for Extended Workforce Performance

With Opto we deliver shorter learning times and immediate operation continuity:
  • Work within existing hardware and software integrations​
  • Increase employee job satisfaction​
  • Boost engagement of teams in the operation
  • Save time on employee onboarding
Warehouse WES Control Tower
Electronic inventory management concept. logistics tech. RFID. B
Warehouse management with automated robotics,The transport vehic
Warehouse WES Control Tower

Opto Control Tower

Opto Control Tower provides visibility and analytics for warehouse operations.

Electronic inventory management concept. logistics tech. RFID. B

Opto WES

Opto WES is a next-generation Warehouse Execution System that creates modular functionality to turn a facility (warehouse/distribution center) – automated or not.

Warehouse management with automated robotics,The transport vehic

Opto Connect

Opto Connect is a next-generation Warehouse Control System that standardizes all aspects of host interfaces and automation integration.

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Optimize Your Operation.
Simplify Integration.

We successfully manage the adaptation and interoperability with incoming vendors and external teams.

Warehouse Software Installations

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Connects “up” to the host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Manages raw material (RM) and finished goods (FG) inventory

Self-contained traceability

Directs multiple fleet managers (mixed fleet)

Connects “down” to factory floor

Expandable for B2C eCommerce (each picking)

Manages work-in-process (WIP) inventory

Expandable for B2B eCommerce (less than truckload [LTL] & mixed pallets)

Bottom-Line Results


Greater Productivity & Accuracy


Better Asset Utilization


Lower Operation Costs


Enhance Green Initiatives


Data/System Integration


Less Downtime & Fast ROI

Warehouse automation solutions

Throughout the years, we implemented a full range of customized safe and scalable solutions that elevated distribution performance