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Conveyor Design, Implementation & Integration

Data-Driven, Technology-Neutral Solutions

Our data-driven, technology-neutral approach means we evaluate all available options to design custom, integrated solutions tailored to your specific operational needs and goals. We don’t just offer conveyor systems; we build solutions to elevate distribution performance leading to lower operational costs and increased competitive edge.

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Conveyor Systems Design

At KPI Solutions, we understand that each operation is different, requiring a different approach to every conveyor system that we design, all aimed at solving your specific operational needs and requirements.

Our team of skilled engineers and system designers specialize in creating custom conveyor solutions to drive efficiencies and lower operational costs for your business.

  • 3PL Market Awareness Data-Driven Analysis of Your Facility: KPI’s facility designs are powered by data and focus on meeting strategic business goals.
  • 3PL Selection Independent Analysis Engineered Design for Precision Planning: Our experts utilize AutoCAD, a leading design software, to generate detailed system drawings. This ensures precision in planning and a clear visual representation of the proposed conveyor system layout.
  • 3PL Selection Expert Guidance Conveyor Simulation for Real-World Perspective: By leveraging advanced simulation software, your conveyor system is rendered into a virtual environment. This allows you to visualize the integration and flow of operations before implementation.
Sortation System for sorting, moving, and processing cases and boxes

Types of Conveyor Technology & Systems

Offering a diverse range of conveyor technologies, each designed to meet specific operational needs and challenges.

MDR Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

MDR Conveyor system in distribution center Expandable and Flexible Gravity Conveyor Totes and cases moving along a belt conveyor
Equipped with motorized driven rollers to move items, powered live roller systems are perfect for heavier loads or controlled movement. Gravity conveyors feature an incline and use the force of gravity, or of a person, to push the load along the conveying surface. Versatile and efficient, belt conveyors are especially useful for smooth, continuous, and quick transportation over long distances.

Overhead Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor

Sortation Systems

Overhead enclosed track conveyor transporting boxes Multi-level pick module with Spiral Conveyor System High speed sliding shoe sorter diverting cases
Effectively utilizes overhead space for material handling, maximizing floor space efficiency in busy, limited-area facilities. Space-efficient for tight areas in a compact footprint, offering continuous product flow and versatility in changing elevations. Designed for precise sorting in distribution centers and e-commerce fulfillment, boosting efficiency in order processing and shipping.

Conveyor System Handling Categories

Pallet Conveyor

Case Conveyor

Bin & Tote Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor in Food Distribution Center Case Conveyor System Tote and bin conveyor system in a warehouse operation
Designed for heavy loads, pallet conveyors streamline transport in warehouses, enhancing flow in high-volume, space-constrained areas. Ideal for transporting individual boxes, case conveyors offer efficient, reliable movement through processing and packaging areas. Optimized for small item transport, bin and tote conveyors ensure swift, organized handling in distribution and order fulfillment lines.
Enabling eCommerce with fast and efficient order fulfillment

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef

Creekstone Farms partnered with KPI Solutions to design and implement a new facility that will allow for flexibility and future growth. The automated conveyor system features single—and dual-sided high-speed shoe sorters, a storage buffer sorter, and a 16-lane accumulations deck.

Cases of boxed beef on accumulation conveyor system

Seamless Conveyor Integration

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Our relationship with clients doesn’t end with the commissioning of the system. Our post-sales support ensures that your conveyor system continues to operate at peak efficiency.