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Maximizing Efficiency in the Protein Industry

KPI’s Expertise in Supply Chain Management and Automation Solutions

KPI offers a range of protein distribution solutions to meet industry demands

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Our solutions aim to provide fast, rugged, accurate, and continuous systems


We offer both sophisticated order-picking and conveyor systems to basic storage structures.

Protein Industry Automation

More Efficient, More Competitive

We provide protein supply chain management to allow you to focus on your processes and operations, and we provide protein distribution solutions to help improve the efficiency of those processes.
  • While supply chain management in the protein industry can produce immense challenges, we understand that it’s of utmost importance.
  • From farm to market, each step in the protein supply chain should be closely monitored for safety and efficiency.
  • The more effective and efficient your protein warehouse automation solutions, the more opportunities you have for profitability.
  • When each partner in the supply chain is held accountable for focusing on their core competencies, business thrives.
Protein Industry Automation
Our success is why companies in the protein market keep coming back to us

Trusted for Supply Chain Logistics and Protein Warehouse Automation

With our protein distribution solutions, we can help your organization:
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Become more efficient

Ensure accuracy

Increase durability

Improve your warehouse logistics

Enhance your warehouse management system

Improve supply chain management

Update industrial automation

Become more competitive

Protein Industry Automation Case Studies