Redefining Cold Storage Efficiency with KPI Solutions

The cold chain industry is crucial for preserving the quality and longevity of perishable goods. As the industry continues to evolve, facilities face unique challenges such as maintaining consistent temperature control, maximizing energy efficiency, and handling labor shortages, all while ensuring operational accuracy and speed.

Balancing the need to preserve product integrity with operational cost-effectiveness is essential. In both refrigerated and frozen storage environments, innovative solutions like automation become vital, offering ways to address these challenges while paving the path for a more efficient and sustainable future.

Current Challenges in Cold Storage Operations

Efficient utilization of space is not just a necessity; it’s a valuable asset. Optimizing every square foot is crucial due to the high cost and specific requirements of temperature-controlled environments.

  • s-icon3 Space Optimization and Storage: Maximizing storage capacity while ensuring easy access and retrieval of temperature-sensitive products. Implementing solutions that make the most of available space without compromising the quality of stored goods.
  • s-icon2 Inventory Management and Transport: Streamlining the movement of goods within the facility to minimize temperature fluctuations and handling times. Ensuring a seamless flow from storage to transport while maintaining product integrity.
  • seamless-icon3 Operational Efficiency and Labor Management: Addressing labor shortages with automated solutions, reducing the dependency on manual labor, and increasing operational speed and accuracy.
Cases of produce items such as dairy, mushrooms, and lettuce on pallets in a temperature-controlled, cold storage distribution center.
Automated, Material Handling & Storage Systems For Cold Storage
Empowering you to meet the high-performance standards in temperature-controlled warehousing.

KPI Solutions offers robust conveying, automated palletizing, and specialized storage systems for temperature-controlled operations. Leveraging the latest in automation and robotics, our solutions expand storage capacity, increase throughput, optimize floor space, and offer adaptability to changing storage needs.

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KPI Solutions is committed to enhancing your cold chain operation, focusing on efficiency and streamlined processes at every stage.



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WinCo Foods: Scaling Cold Storage Capabilities

A Case Study on Space Optimization and ASRS Integration
  • Doubling storage capacity with innovative 7-level Crane-Based ASRS.
  • Serving more stores efficiently through a strategic 44,000 sq ft expansion.
  • Operating seamlessly in -10°F to manage 5,000-6,000 pallet positions.

Storage Solutions for Cold Storage

Reduce operating costs and increase efficiency in your temperature-controlled facility with automated storage systems.
  • 4 Way Pallet Shuttle AS/RS: Innovative shuttles for dynamic storage.
  • Crane-Based AS/RS: High-efficiency cranes designed for pallet storage.
  • Unit-Level AS/RS: Container storage solutions for smaller product units such as cases and totes.
  • Pallet Shuttle: Deep lane, semi-automated shuttles to increase storage density.
WinCo Foods AS/RS Cold Storage Video

Automated Solutions for Temperature-Controlled Environments

  • Conveyance & Transport Systems: Ensuring efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods within the storage facility to maintain quality and integrity.
  • Advanced Palletizing and Automated Storage Systems: Implementing robotic solutions for effective stacking, storage, and retrieval of goods in cold environments, enhancing operational speed and precision.
  • LifeTime Support Services (LTS): Offering comprehensive support for uninterrupted cold storage operations with services such as spare parts availability, 24/7 support, resident maintenance, and expert field services to maintain peak system performance.
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LifeTime Services

Our commitment to your success includes comprehensive support, from proactive maintenance to 24/7 assistance, ensuring your systems operate at peak performance.

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At KPI Solutions, our expertise lies in recognizing operational challenges and addressing them with customized, automated systems designed to elevate operational efficiency.

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