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Resident Maintenance

KPI’s resident maintenance program removes the headache of finding qualified personnel who have the skills, knowledge, and experience to properly maintain complex automated material handling system

24/7 Emergency Support Hotline: 1-844-247-8573


Guarantee uptime, minimize unplanned outages and increase overall system performance

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Remove the hassle of recruiting, training and additional HR overhead


Control, predict and reduce the cost of maintaining high-tech systems

KPI’s Resident Maintenance Program

Augment or offset your existing internal resources to ensure your heavily automated system is properly maintained
Qualified personnel who can properly maintain complex automated handling systems are hard to find and expensive to keep

Preventing downtime and optimizing the operational efficiency of highly automated systems require preventative maintenance programs planned and executed by skilled maintenance staff.

With KPI’s resident maintenance program, we can guarantee uptime, minimize unplanned outages and increase overall system performance.


Residence Maintenance
Helping to provide a fully trained team ready for day 1

Our technicians are expertly trained to support and maintain the equipment in your system. Technicians perform associated preventative maintenance and troubleshooting with direct access to engineering resources as needed.

To be ready to support you on day 1, technicians are brought in during commissioning and are hands-on to bring your site to life.


Resident Maintenance