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We own a wide variety of robotic palletizing systems available

Palletizing & Depalletizing Solutions

  • A robotic palletizer offers the ability to act with agility, no matter where or what direction your supply chain turns.
  • Updates to product lines or warehouse layouts can be completed through reprogramming, unlike conventional automated palletizers that require complex rebuilds of the entire system.

(Images courtesy of NūMove Robotics & Vision)

Courtesy of NuMove

Benefits of a Robotic Palletizing & Depalletizing System

Robotic palletizers offer 24-hour solutions, providing reliable predictability that allows you to know exactly how long it takes to complete a shipment


Reduced Manual Labor

  • Removing the tasks of manually stacking pallets will improve employee morale and develop the opportunity for more meaningful work for warehouse employees.
  • Additionally, costly labor injuries can be prevented by automating much of the heavy lifting and manual repetitive tasks
Robotic Mixed Palletizer

Mixed-Case Palletizing

  • Robotic palletizers can easily prepare multi-SKU pallets. No programming is required as software optimizes the products.
  • Automating the process enables your warehouse to ship pallets with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Decreased Shrinkage

  • Robotic solutions ensure efficiency and proper handling of products to lower the impact of damages on your bottom line.
  • Products are reliably palletized appropriately and systems are configured to apply proper pressure to move and position items, without breakage.
NūMove Robotics & Vision Depalletizer
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KPI Solutions Will Help Identify The Best Solution For Your Specific Needs

We are committed to a technology-neutral approach and continually research the industry to deliver the right solution for your business goals, values and objectives.