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Optimizing Facility Design

  • s-icon3 Methodical Engineering Approach for Facility Design: KPI offers an independent, methodical approach for designing greenfield or retrofitting facilities.
  • s-icon2 Data-Driven Facility Design for Meeting Business Goals: KPI’s facility designs are powered by data and focus on meeting business goals.
  • s-icon1 Validation and Optimization of Facility Design: KPI’s simulation and modeling capabilities validate designs, assess staffing and identify bottlenecks before implementation.
Optimize Warehouse Facility Design

Our Approach

KPI’s design considerations for greenfield sites and retrofits are numerous and not limited to:
  • Facility size/physical attributes
  • Site/process/material flow patterns
  • Order fulfillment design
  • Slotting strategies
  • Layout and storage planning
  • Materials handling equipment specifications & RFP
  • Storage equipment definition
  • Docks and loading positions
  • Productivity and labor calculations

Enhance your Facility’s Capabilities with an Effective Design

Solutions are designed using empirical analysis, operating expertise, and a proven methodology.

Your new facility or retrofit design will be:

  • Created by distribution professionals with real-world operations experience
  • Agile to scale as business requirements change
  • Designed with an independent approach to suppliers and technology
  • Aligned with your company’s business goals
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Achieve Business Growth

KPI evaluates fixed and variable costs over a design horizon resulting in a cumulative investment and OPEX forecast.

KPI’s Agnostic Approach to Technology Evaluation

  • Automation Evaluation Mitigating labor challenges and meeting customer service requirements by evaluating all feasible automation technology solutions.
  • Technology Selection KPI’s technology-agnostic approach evaluates automation options to ensure they meet business goals.
  • Materials Handling Visit the Systems Integration page to learn more about KPI’s materials handling evaluation and selection service.
Advanced Maintenance and Repair Program