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Addressing Retail & E-Commerce Challenges with Automated Solutions

KPI Solutions is committed to revolutionizing retail and e-commerce operations, focusing on technological integration and data-driven strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our approach is designed to help you navigate the complexities of the modern retail landscape while building omnichannel capabilities that reduce reliance on labor, build scalability, and enable resilience.

With KPI Solutions, embark on a journey toward a more agile, efficient, and customer-centric retail operation.

Single Point-of-Contact

Solving Supply Chain Challenges with Expert Consulting & Best-of-Breed Technologies

How We Can Elevate Your Operations:
  • Maximize Storage Capacity
  • Streamline Order Fulfillment
  • Innovate Last-Mile Delivery
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Optimize Warehouse Design
  • Enhance Picking Efficiency
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy

Current Challenges in Retail & E-Commerce Supply Chains

From ensuring just-in-time inventory levels to achieving exceptional order fulfillment, optimizing last-mile delivery, and efficient returns management, each step requires precision and adaptability. KPI Solutions is dedicated to identifying and addressing these critical issues with innovative automated solutions and expert consulting, aiming to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.

By leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge, automated technology, and lifetime customer support, we empower businesses to meet and exceed today’s consumers’ ever-increasing demands.

  • s-icon1 Inventory Management: Effective inventory management sits at the heart of successful warehouse operations, ensuring that supply matches demand without leading to overstock or stockouts. It’s a foundational aspect of both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • s-icon2 Order Fulfillment Accuracy: This challenge directly impacts the customer experience. Accurate order fulfillment is crucial because errors lead to increased returns, higher operational costs, and eroded customer confidence.
  • More options and benefits icon Last-Mile Delivery: As the final touchpoint in the customer’s purchase journey, efficient last-mile delivery is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction. It’s also one of the most complex and cost-intensive challenges, directly influencing the consumer’s perception of your brand.
  • seamless-icon3 Returns Management: Efficiently processing returns is vital for maintaining customer trust and loyalty. Handling returns presents unique operational challenges, including the need for additional labor, space for sorting and processing, and potential disruptions to normal workflow.
Retail and e-commerce fulfillment center

Enable Online Order Fulfillment and Flexibility with Warehouse Automation

Today’s retailers are faced with a daunting task – how to rapidly fulfill ever-increasing numbers of online orders while supporting retail stores and operating in today’s labor-challenged world. Resilience and flexibility are key to survival and necessary to thrive as eCommerce volume continues to increase.

Retailers are turning to automation and robotics to meet the needs of their clients. KPI can assist by reviewing your order fulfillment system requirements and recommending best-of-breed technologies to achieve your business goals.

Case Study: Automotive Parts Distributor
Omnichannel fulfillment operation utilizing a custom solution from AutoStore, Geek+ and KPI Solutions’ Opto Software.

By Blending Best-of-Breed technology, KPI Solutions delivered value by helping the client achieve:

  • 4x Increase in picking and putaway productivity
  • 5x increase in expansion capacity
  • 4x increase in throughput

“KPI surpassed my expectations. They have been there for us and are responsive to our needs.”

– Owner, E-Commerce Retailer

Retail & E-Commerce

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to unlock the full potential of your distribution center, ensuring that every aspect, from warehouse layout to process flow and system integration, is optimized for peak performance. Leveraging data analysis, industry best practices, and expertise, we tailor our approach to meet your unique challenges, enhancing operational KPIs to positively impact your bottom line.

Warehouse facility design rendering
Warehouse Advising and Consulting
Simulation of warehouse automation workstation
Consultants for WMS Software Selection

Optimize Last-Mile Delivery

Enhancing speed and reliability for superior customer satisfaction.

Warehouse facility design rendering

Efficient Warehouse Design

Custom layouts for smooth operations and maximum productivity.

Warehouse Advising and Consulting

Advanced Technology Evaluation

Guidance on selecting and implementing automated solutions.

Simulation of warehouse automation workstation

Operational Simulation

Modeling operations to refine workflows, pinpoint bottlenecks, and test changes before implementation.

Consultants for WMS Software Selection

WMS Software Consulting

Selecting and implementing software that balances inventory management with streamlined order processing to meet customer demands.

Order Fulfillment Solutions

Efficiency, accuracy, and speed are crucial.

Intelligent warehouse execution software coupled with labor-saving automation solutions can maximize order fulfillment capabilities. But where do you start?

We develop customized operational designs and innovative systems supported by the latest automation and robotics to ensure you meet fluctuating client demands year-round.

Order Fulfillment Solutions with AutoStore
Transform your Retail Operation

Automated Material Handling & Storage Systems

Our suite of cutting-edge technologies, including capacity-expanding AS/RS, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and Conveyor & Sortation solutions, powered by Opto Software, are engineered to enhance warehouse efficiency, streamline operations, and significantly reduce operational costs. By integrating these technologies, we provide a holistic approach to automation that addresses the complexities of the retail and e-commerce supply chain, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a competitive market.

Goods-to-Person, High-Density Storage


This compact, grid-based AS/RS solution maximizes storage capacity and ensures rapid product access while reducing labor reliance. It is ideal for enhancing e-commerce operations.

AS/RS Autostore KPI Solutions
Versatility in product movement and order picking

Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs)

AMRs navigate autonomously, reducing manual labor, increasing accuracy, and improving efficiency. They’re adaptable to changing layouts and demands.

Movu Brand Lineup 2023
Streamline Package Routing

Conveyor & Sortation

Conveyor & Sortation systems enhance operational efficiency by automating the movement and sorting of products. These systems are engineered to handle diverse product sizes and types, improving throughput and accuracy while reducing processing times. Designed for scalability, they support operational growth and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment.

Conveyor Sortation Systems
Warehouse Software Suite for Operational Excellence

Opto™ Software

Opto is an intelligent suite comprising system and hardware-compatible software products capable of efficiently and economically operating a warehouse or distribution center.

  • Opto Control Tower provides visibility and analytics for warehouse operations, offering real-time insights to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.
  • Opto WES (Warehouse Execution System) introduces modular functionality to seamlessly adapt to any warehouse or distribution center), regardless of its automation level. This system ensures optimal workflow and resource utilization, enhancing both productivity and accuracy.
  • Opto Connect (Warehouse Control System) standardizes the integration of host interfaces and automation technologies by facilitating communication and operation across different hardware and software platforms, ensuring a unified and efficient control environment
KPI Solutions Opto Software

Custom E-Commerce Solutions

Every business model is unique—wholesalers, suppliers, large retailers, or direct-to-consumer sales. KPI Solutions tailors distribution solutions to be effective and profitable for your specific needs.


Selecting Warehouse Automation and Material Handling Equipment for Retail Distribution

KPI has served some of the highest-volume fulfillment centers in the industry

Meet Expectations

Your customers expect the products they order when they order them.

Minimize Downtime

Your customers don’t care if the automation at your retail distribution shuts down and you can’t get product out the door.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Your retail customers have clients of their own to service, so your warehouse management and logistics must be in tip-top shape.

Retail & E-Commerce Case Studies