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Optimizing Operations With Best-of-Breed Technology

Maximizing Efficiency in Retail & E-Grocery Warehouses

How can your business overcome the challenges of labor availability, rising operational costs, and efficiently replenishing store inventory, while also excelling in e-grocery fulfillment, including last-mile delivery?

Choosing a dependable partner for navigating the complexities of grocery distribution is crucial for staying competitive and meeting market demands, paving the way for long-term success.

KPI Solutions offers the integration of best-of-breed automated systems, intelligent software solutions, and comprehensive LifeTime Services designed to guide businesses toward optimization and sustainable growth.

Omnichannel Challenges in Grocery Distribution & Fulfillment

Grocery companies are contending with rising labor costs and the intricate demands of e-commerce fulfillment, both critical to maintaining profitability and ensuring adaptability. In a sector characterized by slim margins and fierce competition, the ability to embrace the e-grocery trend and secure inventory accuracy becomes increasingly essential for efficient grocery operations and supply chain management.

  • 3PL Selection Independent Analysis Labor Costs & Workforce Management: Rising wages and labor shortages challenge the grocery sector, emphasizing the need for flexible working conditions and productivity to support growing e-grocery demands.
  • s-icon1 Adapting to E-Grocery: E-grocery’s rise requires strategies that ensure order accuracy for curbside, last-mile, and in-store pickups, making fulfillment rate improvements crucial.
  • seamless-icon3 Inventory Accuracy & Visibility: The demand for diverse food options leads to SKU proliferation, necessitating scalable solutions for efficient inventory management.
  • s-icon2 Competition & Tight Profit Margins: Intense competition and slim margins in the grocery industry call for streamlined supply chains to enhance cost-efficiency and maintain profitability.
Crane-based AS/RS in temperature-controlled grocery warehouse
Partner with KPI Solutions to

Build a Robust Strategy for Your Business

At KPI Solutions, our goal is to provide clients with the analytical, engineering, and operations expertise necessary to achieve business goals. Whether you need data-driven consulting services or a comprehensive material handling system to grow your grocery operation, partnering with KPI Solutions equates to aligning with a team dedicated to solving your current challenges and building a long-term growth strategy.

Food Distribution Case Study

WinCo Foods: Scaling Cold Storage Capabilities

A Case Study on Space Optimization and ASRS Integration
  • Doubling storage capacity with innovative 7-level crane-based ASRS.
  • Serving more stores efficiently through a strategic 44,000 sq ft expansion.
  • Operating seamlessly in -10°F to manage 5,000-6,000 pallet positions.

“The automation takes care of the hard work.”

– Satisfied Food Industry Client

Transform operations with strategies designed for the modern grocery landscape

Consulting Services

To outpace the competition and meet evolving consumer demands, grocery businesses must employ a strategic blend of technology, design, and strategy. We offer expert consulting services that empower grocery warehousing entities to enhance efficiency, ensure scalability, and maintain agility, addressing the full spectrum of fulfillment challenges.

Warehouse facility design rendering
Last-mile delivery for E-grocery fulfillment
Simulation of warehouse automation workstation
Consultants for WMS Software Selection
3PL Selection Consulting
Warehouse facility design rendering

Facility Design and Warehouse Layout

Tailor your grocery warehouse with high-density storage solutions to optimize space and adapt to changing throughput requirements, enhancing operational flexibility and scalability.

Last-mile delivery for E-grocery fulfillment

Last-Mile Delivery Optimization

Refine your delivery strategies to improve efficiency and reduce costs in your food distribution network, ensuring fast, reliable service.

Simulation of warehouse automation workstation

Operational Simulation

Utilize simulations of your operation to evaluate grocery warehousing strategies, mitigate risk, and optimize peak efficiency.

Consultants for WMS Software Selection

WMS Software Selection

Looking for a WMS solution but don’t know where to start? Let us help you select the right inventory management system to increase operational agility and effectively meet diverse fulfillment needs.

3PL Selection Consulting

3PL Selection Guidance

Choose the right 3PL partners with our insights, focusing on those who can meet the unique needs of grocery warehousing and ensure seamless food distribution capabilities.

Transform your Order Fulfillment Operation

Automated Material Handling & Storage Systems for Grocery Warehousing

KPI Solutions delivers best-of-breed automated technology to streamline food distribution and e-grocery operations. Our approach is to deliver a comprehensive material handling solution that meets the specific challenges and objectives of your business.

Our comprehensive solution set can include high-density AS/RS to manage inventory with precision, conveyor and sortation systems for efficient material flow, and automated palletizing and stretch wrapping for expedited end-of-line processes. Orchestrated with Opto™ software, our complete solutions offer a reliable and scalable approach to enhance operational efficiency and boost order fulfillment.

Goods-to-Person AS/RS for E-grocery


Elevate your grocery fulfillment with AutoStore, a compact, grid-based storage and retrieval system designed for the grocery sector’s unique demands. AutoStore systems maximize storage density, reduce the footprint required, and can be integrated with piece picking robotics to further increase fulfillment rates, with the capability of operating in temperature-controlled environments.

  • Space Efficiency: Utilizes a dense grid system to dramatically increase storage capacity within a smaller footprint.
  • High-Speed Retrieval: Ensures rapid access to goods, significantly improving order processing times for a faster customer response.
AutoStore AS/RS in E-grocery fulfillment warehouse
High-Density AS/RS for Pallets and Cases

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Elevate 3PL warehousing with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) to increase storage density, storage capacity, and space utilization.

  • Mini-Load AS/RS: Streamline case, bin, and tote handling for faster, more accurate picking.
  • Pallet AS/RS: Enhance pallet storage, maximizing vertical space and optimizing storage and retrieval processes.
  • Increase Storage Capacity & Density: Our expertise guarantees seamless AS/RS integration, boosting your operational scalability and efficiency.
Automated Retrieval and Storage system in grocery distribution center
Automated Sortation Robots


The Tompkins tSort is a modular, track-free sortation system to increase the efficiency of grocery fulfillment operations.

  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with GTP systems such as AutoStore for high-volume applications.
  • Configurability: Ability to adapt and scale to changing business requirements.
Tompkins tSort Robotic sortation technology
Versatility in product movement and order picking


Deploy Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to enhance the flexibility and scalability of material transport in grocery warehousing, reducing manual labor requirements and optimizing workflow processes.

  • Versatile Navigation: AGVs and AMRs adeptly move throughout the warehouse, delivering goods between zones with precision.
  • Scalable Solutions: Easily adjust the fleet size based on demand, ensuring flexibility and scalability in operations.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Allocate human workers to more critical tasks, while robots handle repetitive, labor-intensive movements.
Movu ifollow AGV transporting pallet loads in warehouse
Increase Throughput & Meet Fulfillment Rates

Robotic Piece Picking

Introduce robotic piece picking to revolutionize your order fulfillment, with robots selecting individual items with high accuracy for e-commerce and mixed orders.

  • Precision Handling: Capable of picking diverse product types with delicate care.
  • Efficiency Boost: Increases picking rates, reducing order cycle times, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Integration: Harmonizes with existing systems for a cohesive and efficient fulfillment operation.
Robotic Piece Picking
Efficiently Stack & Unstack Pallet Loads

Automated Palletizing & Depalletizing

Automated palletizing and depalletizing solutions optimize product stacking for outbound orders and unstacking for inbound pallets needing to be reduced layer by layer for individual case storage.

  • Customized Stack Patterns: Tailors pallet patterns to specific product and order requirements, ensuring stability and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Throughput and Accuracy: Increases the speed and precision of the palletizing process, streamlining order fulfillment and minimizing manual errors.
Automated Palletizer stacking boxed beef to order.
Streamline Package Routing

Conveyor & Sortation

Optimize your warehouse with advanced conveyor and sortation solutions, ensuring fast and accurate movement of goods. Essential for maintaining high throughput and minimizing product handling.

  • Dynamic Flow: Engineered for efficient transport of groceries, adaptable to various product sizes and weights.
  • Intelligent Sortation: Automatically routes items to the correct destination, improving order accuracy.
  • Streamlined Operations: Enhances material handling efficiency, supporting faster order fulfillment.
Conveyor Sortation Systems

Opto™ Software

Streamline your food retail and e-grocery operations with Opto, our proprietary software suite designed for seamless fulfillment and food distribution management.

  • Real-Time Operations Insight: Gain clear visibility and actionable analytics with Opto Control Tower, driving smarter, faster decision-making.
  • Adaptable Execution System: Opto WES adapts to your facility’s needs, balancing workflow and resource management for peak productivity.
  • Unified Control System: Opto Connect ensures smooth communication between various systems, centralizing control for operational efficiency.
KPI Solutions Opto Software
Comprehensive Customer Support

LifeTime Services

Our commitment to your success includes comprehensive support, from proactive maintenance to 24/7 assistance, ensuring your systems operate at peak performance.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Field Services
  • Resident Maintenance
  • Parts & Warranty
Lifetime Services technician
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Unlock Efficiency

Propel Your Grocery Distribution & Order Fulfillment


Partner with KPI for best-of-breed automated solutions that elevate your supply chain, ensuring you’re ahead in the fast-paced grocery industry.