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Optimize Your Warehouse Space with Traditional and Modern Storage Solutions

In the world of warehouse management, the significance of time-tested storage methods like industrial pallet racking remains unwavering. We specialize in tailoring warehouse storage solutions with traditional or cutting-edge storage options to amplify capacity, optimize floor utilization, and enhance overall efficiency.

Pallet racking in warehouse or distribution center to organize inventory
Discover a Range of Leading Conventional Warehousing Solutions

Our experienced team is dedicated to conceptualizing, executing, and seamlessly integrating bespoke storage solutions that meet your specific product handling requirements.

Partner with Us for Your Material Handling Goals

Whether you’re strategizing a greenfield design or retrofitting brownfield layouts within your space, KPI Solutions is your trusted collaborator. We bring our expertise to the table, offering consultation, implementation, and flawless design and execution of material handling configurations.

Our solutions cater to First In, First Out (FIFO) and Last In, First Out (LIFO), and blended inventory management strategies, spanning industries like cold storage, food and beverage, retail, and agriculture.

Twinlode Racking

The Twinlode Rack system is an innovative solution designed to maximize storage density while ensuring optimal product accessibility. Distinguished by its dual-pallet storage capabilities, Twinlode storage systems are particularly suited for high-volume products that require quick rotation.

As opposed to conventional systems, the Twinlode Rack can house two pallets side-by-side in a single bay, which considerably increases storage capacity without the need for a larger footprint. This design not only ensures a more efficient use of space but also significantly reduces the time required for loading and unloading.

Twinload Automation Racking
Static Warehouse Storage

Static warehouse storage systems are commonly used to store a wide variety of products and materials. Pallets and bins can be easily accessed by a picker, either by hand or by a forklift, depending on whether you need unit picking, case picking, or selecting pallets.

Typically, static storage includes selective pallet racks, double-deep pallet racks, very-narrow aisle (VNA) racking, cantilever, and drive-in/drive-thru racks.

Static Racking
Dynamic Warehouse Storage

With dynamic warehouse storage solutions like pallet flow, pushback racking, carton flow, and keg flow, warehouse operators can rely on enhanced storage density for FIFO inventory while reducing labor costs by maximizing pick faces.

By analyzing your SKU mix, our experts will work with you to determine which solution meets your business’ unique needs.

Dynamic Racking
Specialized Warehouse Storage

Warehouse floor space is at a premium, so it is imperative to take full advantage of each warehouse’s vertical storage capacity.

Specialized storage solutions exist to maximize that storage footprint and improve fulfillment capabilities.

Both over-dock storage systems and warehouse mezzanines can assist in maximizing the storage capabilities of the warehouse by using the height of the warehouse as an opportunity to increase storage capacity.

Specialized Racking

Which Storage and Racking Solution Should You Choose?

KPI will work alongside your team to evaluate the options and implement a system that best serves your needs.