Benefits of AutoStore

AutoStore is an innovative storage and order fulfillment system capable of reducing storage footprint by 75%. AutoStore eliminates walkways and shelving and utilizes the highest density ratio cube storage of any goods-to-person system.

Number-identified bins are stacked high and compactly in an aluminum cubic grid system that can be built around columns or pillars to accommodate user access. AutoStore delivers ultra-dense scalable storage solutions to warehouses utilizing unit or single-order picking.

  • s-icon3 E-commerce Boom: The growth of e-commerce and the need for faster fulfillment has made automation solutions like AutoStore attractive to many companies.
  • s-icon2 Space Optimization: Warehouses, especially in urban or densely populated areas, seek to maximize space utilization due to high real estate costs. AutoStore’s high-density storage is a solution to this challenge.
  • s-icon1 Labor Challenges: With ongoing labor shortages and challenges in warehouse staffing, automated solutions can help bridge the gap and reduce reliance on manual labor.
  • seamless-icon3 Operational Efficiency: Automated solutions provide consistent performance and can operate around the clock, making them an attractive option for companies looking to boost efficiency.
AutoStore Bin Storage

Accelerate Picking and Replenishment with AutoStore

Autostore’s automated storage and retrieval system can optimize many warehouse processes.
Goods-to-Person (GTP) Picking: This is the primary method facilitated by AutoStore. Instead of workers traveling to pick items, the AutoStore robots bring the bins containing the required items directly to the picking station. The worker remains stationary, picking items from bins and processing orders. This method dramatically reduces the travel time traditionally associated with manual picking.
Warehouse worker in pick area of AutoStore system
  • Batch Picking: Batch picking can be efficiently executed with the GTP method. Multiple orders are grouped based on specific criteria (e.g., items stored in the same bin or proximity), and items for these orders are picked in one pass. After picking, the items are then sorted and packed for individual orders.
  • Wave Picking: Wave picking is similar to batch picking but is often organized around specific dispatch times or shipment methods. AutoStore’s software can optimize wave picks by coordinating the robots to retrieve bins in an efficient sequence.
  • Piece Picking: Given its high-density storage, AutoStore is effective for operations that handle small to medium-sized items and require piece picking. Individual items are selected from a bin to fulfill specific order quantities.
  • Replenishment Picking: AutoStore can also facilitate efficient replenishment picking for operations that restock retail locations or other forward-pick areas. Bins are delivered to the workstation, where items are picked in bulk and prepared for restocking.
  • Returns Processing: The efficiency of the AutoStore system can be leveraged for processing returns. Returned items can be checked and then quickly returned to their respective bins by the robots.
  • Micro-Fulfillment: Fast order fulfillment is crucial in eCommerce to meet customer expectations. AutoStore installation enables you to be near your customers and efficiently fulfill orders while providing a customer-centric store experience.

Additional Benefits of AutoStore

AutoStore Logo

Dense Storage

AutoStore consists of a grid system where bins are stacked directly on each other, compared to other systems that require aisles or racks, which take up more space.

Robotic Retrieval

Robots run on the top of the grid and pick and store bins. They can lift the top bin or dig down to get bins from lower in the stack.


The system is scalable: as the business grows, more bins, robots, and grid modules can be added.

Modular Design

The system can be adapted to fit various warehouse shapes and sizes, providing flexibility for businesses with unique requirements.

Fast Order Fulfillment

Robots can retrieve items quickly and bring them to a designated port where employees can pick them up for shipment, increasing the speed of order fulfillment.

Software Integration

AutoStore systems come with software that integrates with various Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to optimize inventory management, order processing, and robotic tasks.

Case Studies of AutoStore Integration

Supply Chain Simulation & Evaluation

Using simulation to identify potential issues and inefficiencies in the proposed automation before it is actually implemented to reduce the risk of costly mistakes or unexpected expenses during implementation.

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Equipment downtime rates


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Staffing levels

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