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Capitol Distributing

Enabling efficient fulfillment through customized software solutions in a turnkey facility

Belt and spiral conveyor system in a distribution warehouse

The Client

A distributor of retail products for convenience stores, smoke shops, truck stops, neighborhood markets, and other retailers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

The Challenge

The client needed a quicker and more efficient way to manage their inventory. They also needed to optimize picking, route stop sequence sortation, and loading, which were all heavily reliant on manual processes.

For example, their existing system required palletization, manual transfer, and depalletization in the truck.

The Solution

KPI implemented their Opto Software in a completely turnkey 350,000 sq. ft. distribution center. This facility featured a high-speed sliding shoe shorter, four pick modules, and over a mile of conveyor. The new system handles more than 5,000 SKUs and can push through over 40 cartons per minute.

Solution Highlights:

Now that the solution has been implemented, orders are picked from each module and released to a central merge. There, they are batch-released into a 16-lane shoe sorter for route stop sequence sortation and buffering.

Once the dock is ready for products held in the buffer lanes, they are released to the dock and sorted to the correct door. The products are then fluid-loaded directly into the truck.

Opto Software was the key to fast and efficient order management for this solution.

The Value

  • Route stop sequence sortation
  • WCS with the ability to pick multiple stops simultaneously from different areas and re-sequence them
  • Completely suspended shipping dock area conveyor system
  • Ability to react in an efficient manner to dramatically increasing volumes