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Rogers Sporting Goods

Optimization of space and efficiency through the integration of an AutoStore AS/RS, enhancing eCommerce and retail replenishment capabilities in a 203,000 sq. ft. distribution center.

Modern distribution center featuring AutoStore systems, conveyor belts, and packed pallet racks for omnichannel retail.

The Client

Rogers Sporting Goods is family-owned, omnichannel retailer of waterfowl, hunting, shooting, and outdoor gear. They operate one retail store in Liberty, Missouri with a 203,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Kansas City.

The Challenge

Rogers had moved into a new facility, and due to growth and SKU proliferation, needed a way to expand capacity within the already limited available floorspace. They wanted to increase efficiency and reduce the time needed to replenish store stock twice per week. They were also looking for more efficient use of labor and faster turnaround time for steadily increasing eCommerce orders.

The Solution

Rogers engaged KPI Solutions to re-design the layout of their facility, optimizing floor space. Rack locations and inventory were adjusted to place fast movers and items frequently purchased together in adjacent locations to allow more efficient replenishment and picking.

After reviewing a few technology options for Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS/RS), an AutoStore cube-based system was selected for their eCommerce order fulfillment and each pick products for the retail store.

This facility is equipped with 22 R5 AutoStore robots, 51,000 bins, and 4 ports (for picking and replenishment) using KPI’s Kommand AS software functionality. The Deposco WMS orchestrates order management and inventory across retail store replenishment and eCommerce fulfillment.

Since the initial install, KPI Solutions added a put wall to support a new autobagger at one of the pick ports.

The Value

  • Using the AutoStore AS/RS, Rogers is now able to maintain a 24-hour sale order cycle on eCommerce orders, even during the busy season.
  • Retail store replenishment orders can now be picked in half the time with the new AutoStore System.
  • Labor productivity and inventory accuracy has increased.
  • Fewer FTEs are required.
  • Order turnaround time has decreased.
Financial Impact

Now able to turn around an eCommerce order in 24 hours.

Labor productivity and inventory accuracy has increased.

Expand capacity within the already limited available floorspace.


Close-up view of AutoStore R5 robots navigating the AS/RS grid system in a eCommerce distribution center. AutoStore robots efficiently retrieving bins for customer orders in an omnichannel distribution center, showcasing a highly organized AS/RS grid system. Three AutoStore robots navigating the automated grid system in a distribution center