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Habitat Clothes

Integrating AutoStore to improve fulfillment speeds with fewer touches-per-pick


The Client

Habitat Clothes is a clothing manufacturer specializing in women’s fashion.

The Challenge

Habitat Clothes had outgrown their warehouse with inefficient manual receiving, handling, picking, and pack out processes. Each point of their process required multiple touches and extended walk paths for both putaway and picking.

The Solution

KPI partnered with the company to automate receiving, putaway and picking operations using AutoStore powered by Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S) – Pickpro Software.

Case rack storage previously used for picking was consolidated into a small footprint AutoStore Goods-to-Person system. AutoStore integrates with a Put to Light system with a put wall at each picking station.

The solution frees up space for additional pack out stations, includes inventory staging for both inbound and outbound inventory, and decreases the amount of touches by automating the receiving and picking processes.

“KPI has surpassed my expectations. They first took the time to understand what we were facing logistically and then came up with a strategic plan that step-by-step tackled all our different choke points. Even through the hardships and delays that COVID-19 presented, they have been there for us and responsive to our needs.”

-Richard Connelly, Owner, Habitat Clothes

Highlights of the Solution:

  • AutoStore Top Load AS/RS – 7,400 Bins
  • Put To Light System with order consolidation for receiving & picking
  • AutoStore integrates with KPI-S software

The Value


  • Allows Habitat to re-deploy resources previously occupied with manual processes
  • Expands storage space allowing Habitat to add lines of inventory to their portfolio
  • Ability to handle larger orders with shorter fulfillment time