Automated eCommerce Fulfillment

Enable Online Order Fulfillment and Flexibility with Warehouse Automation

Today’s retailers are faced with a daunting task – how to rapidly fulfill ever-increasing numbers of online orders while supporting retail stores and operating in today’s labor-challenged world. Resilience and flexibility are key to survival and necessary to thrive as eCommerce volume continues to increase.

Retailers are turning to automation and robotics to meet the needs of their demanding customers. KPI can assist by reviewing your order fulfillment system requirements and recommending best-of-breed technologies such as logistics solutions for eCommerce to achieve your business goals.


Order Fulfillment Solutions

The Buckle Distribution Retail

Retail and eCommerce businesses must fulfill customers’ orders in a fast and accurate manner to survive. Supporting your digital footprint and building distribution flexibility that is adaptive to ever-changing market conditions is key.

Distribution software coupled with labor-saving automation solutions can maximize order fulfillment capabilities. But where do you start?

KPI provides a wide range of automated eCommerce fulfillment solutions, products, and retail distribution services to keep your warehouse running smoothly. We develop reliable and innovative fulfillment systems supported by the latest automation and robotic technologies to ensure you can meet your customers’ needs, even as volume fluctuates throughout the year.

The need to be efficient, accurate, and fast is greater now than ever before, and we can help your fulfillment center get there. Discover all there is to know about our best of breed fulfillment solutions.

Material Handling and Order Fulfillment Solutions

There are many options out there to improve retail distribution center efficiencies; our automated eCommerce fulfillment services can help you determine the best option for your material handling design. As logistics experts seasoned in fulfillment center consulting, we are the ideal partner for enhancing your retail distribution center operations. We are a company with the right answers, the right team, and the right products for distribution logistics solutions. We take pride in providing innovative fulfillment center solutions customized for your business, even eCommerce fulfillment needs.

Every business has a retail distribution channel that is unique. Wholesalers have different needs than suppliers; distributors have different needs than large retailers; some companies choose to cut out parts of the supply chain and sell directly to consumers. Whatever your business model is, KPI can help you distribute goods effectively and profitably.

Footwear Distribution - Retail

AutoStore is the ultimate space saver. It is an ultra-dense automated storage and retrieval system. The Pioneer in cube-based storage, AutoStore has proven to be the best solution for a wide variety of customers in industries such as electronics, apparel, medical supplies, home goods, and grocery.

A simple yet elegant concept: A grid in the shape of a large cube contains towers of bins stacked next to and on top of each other. Individually controlled robots drive on tracks along the top of the grid collecting bins and delivering them to a picking station (port), where a team member selects the items(s) needed to fulfill the order(s).


  • Can reduce storage footprint up to 75% when compared to conventional storage options
  • Flexible, scalable, and modular design allows for the system to change with the business
  • Grid expansion can happen without stopping operations when additional storage is needed
  • The AutoStore system shows a combined average worldwide uptime of 99.6%
  • No Single Point of failure. Get any SKU at any time with any robot
  • AutoStore robots consume very little energy

Selecting Warehouse Automation and Material Handling Equipment for Retail Distribution

Your customers expect the products they order when they order them, and since every business must care about customer experience, you want to meet their expectations. Your customers don’t care if the automation at your retail distribution centers shuts down and you can’t get product out the door. Your retail customers have customers of their own to service, so your warehouse management and logistics must be in tip-top shape. KPI has served some of the highest-volume fulfillment centers in the industry.

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Your company will operate more efficiently with the right automation system in place. Automation can speed up order fulfillment, reduce labor dependence and enable flexibility as volumes fluctuate in today’s volatile distribution environment.

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