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AGV’s & AMR’s

  • In most organizations, employee resources are limited. Using valuable staff time to perform low-value tasks, like materials transportation, is a costly way to do business.
  • Mobile transportation solutions such as AMRs or AGVs offer innovative solutions for restructuring warehouse needs and improving efficiency.
  • As more warehouses move towards Industry 4.0, mobile transportation has become a necessity for improving warehouse performance.


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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Optimize warehouse automation using equipment and technology to place and retrieve goods from throughout a facility with accuracy and speed.
  • Improvements in technology and lower costs for implementation make installing an AS/RS attainable by fulfillment operations of all sizes.
  • Through the use of computer- or robot-aided systems, fulfillment teams use an AS/RS to speed up manufacturing and shipping tasks by programming systems to retrieve items or store them throughout the warehouse.



Conveyor & Sortation Systems

Material handling conveyor solutions help companies and warehouses move products faster and fulfill orders with ease
  • Specialized conveyor lines expedite processes and can improve production lines throughout the stages of delivery.
  • KPI provides a technology-neutral perspective to educate your team on the available conveyor solutions and assist with the selection of the best implementation for your operations.
  • Conveyor solutions are often implemented alongside other logistics management tools to improve overall warehouse efficiency.
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Palletizing & Depalletizing

Robotic Palletizing solutions empower your business to bring goods to market in a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective way
  • With a compact footprint, updating your warehouse to robotic palletizing provides the benefits of automated palletizing with the flexibility of a fully robotic system.
  • Robotic palletizers can act with agility, no matter what direction your supply chain turns.

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Robotic Piece Picking

Reduce the overall amount of work in progress and lower on-hand inventory
  • Robotics automation adds reliability and cadence to your material flow, improving availability and the overall effectiveness of equipment and process.
  • Installing robotics automation allows you to reclaim otherwise unproductive floorspace and make smaller, more frequent deliveries.
Robotic Piece Picking

Warehouse Storage and Pallet Racking

Expand Capacity by Efficiently Utilizing your Warehouse Space
  • Our skilled professionals are committed to developing, implementing, and integrating customized storage solutions that perfectly align with your unique product handling needs.
  • Our expertise lies in customizing warehouse storage solutions, utilizing both conventional and modern storage methods to increase storage capacity, maximize floor space utilization, and improve overall operational efficiency.
Pallet racking in warehouse or distribution center to organize inventory