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Adding automation to adapt to the rise in e-commerce orders.


The Client is an automated pharmacy fulfillment facility in Fort Worth, Texas, consisting of 35,100 total sq. ft., including a production and warehouse area of 29,000 sq. ft.

The Challenge

As a new company, averaged 4,000 scripts fulfilled across a one-shift operation with a peak volume of 8,300+ scripts. Due to immense growth in eCommerce order volume, the company needed to expand its fulfillment capabilities and add automation.

The Solution

KPI automated a prescription fulfillment processing line containing a Command Center, including two workstations, multiple servers, and a dispenser controller. The facility also boasts:

  • 180 fully automated dispensing Baker Cell locations
  • 600 semi-automated dispensing Baler cassette locations, including six dispensing workstations.
  • Seven pharmacist verification stations, two vial cappers with heat sealers, 16 packing stations, and two shipping/manifesting stations.

The stations break down into 11 multi-lane stations, four single Rx lane stations, and one bulk lane with a refrigerated cooler. Each packing station has a scale and Zebra printer to label outbound shipments.

The Value:

  • Increased order fulfillment volume to 15,000 prescriptions per 8-hour shift
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fully automated prescription fulfillment processing line