Beverage Warehousing Expertise Combined with Unbeatable Strategy

Since 2006, PDC has been a trusted and neutral consulting firm specializing in tailored, engineered solutions for warehouse automation, network and delivery strategy, conventional warehouse design, and improved operational processes. For over 600 beverage clients in 31 countries, we’ve helped companies maximize warehouse and distribution performance based on our empirical analysis and operational expertise.

By joining KPI Solutions, the PDC team will be able to maintain that trust and neutrality while being able to offer clients complete end-to-end supply chain solutions: consulting, engineered concept design, systems integration, and lifetime services.

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KPI Solutions (PDC)’s Beverage Solutions

Full Range of Services

By joining KPI Solutions, the PDC team will be able to maintain that trust and neutrality while offering clients complete end-to-end supply chain solutions – from strategy through execution. In addition to our traditional consulting capabilities, we are now able to design and implement a full range of customized automated systems that transform operations. Our commitment to a data-driven, technology-neutral approach boosts fulfillment speed, reduces reliance on labor, and improves agility. We are focused on delivering long-term, sustainable results for our clients.

KPI’s Delivery Strategy services can help define delivery vehicles’ optimal number and capabilities, maximizing service levels and reducing overall cost-to-serve.

Delivery Network Concept

Unmatched Methodology & Experience

Unlike firms relying solely on experience or exclusively on analytics void of experience, KPI Solutions’ consulting group combines best-in-class Analytics, 300+ years of operations experience, and a proven methodology unparalleled in consulting.

KPI Solutions’ consulting team continues to augment its analytical capabilities. It continues enhancing its engineering toolset to provide the industry with the greatest detailed designs expediently.

Our competitive advantage is magnified by our experience in successfully executing over 1,200 beverage delivery strategies, warehouse design, and process improvement projects.

Food & Beverage Fulfillment Solutions

Achieve Maximum Results in Your Supply Chain Operations

It is more daunting than ever to devise the most optimal beverage warehousing and delivery strategy due to increasing portfolios, warehouse space constraints, labor challenges, customer order behavior, and growing cost pressures.

  • Delivery Strategy Services: Reducing beverage distribution costs by evaluating various factors can optimize a company’s cost-to-serve. Costs such as fixed fleet costs, variable fleet costs, truck types, capacities, customer time windows, fixed and variable stop times, drop sizes, and delivery frequencies can all be evaluated rather than just focusing on mileage reduction.
  • Warehouse Design Services: Warehouse Design entails a methodical engineering approach supported by a detailed analysis of throughput and inventory requirements, extrapolated over future years. KPI evaluates all feasible solutions to define fixed and variable costs resulting in a cumulative investment and OPEX forecast.  This provides predictable cash flow planning and a roadmap to increase capacity as growth and/or business complexities are realized.
  • Advanced Warehouse Technology Evaluation Services: Our evaluation of all feasible techniques and technologies accurately compares solutions based on quantitative and qualitative attributes, ensuring the technology will serve the business now and in the future.

What Comes Next?

  • Arrange a site visit to observe the operations and define goals and objectives
  • Develop the scope of work necessary to achieve goals and objectives
  • Collect operating data to perform the necessary analytics
  • Model agreed-upon operating scenarios and design criteria
  • Develop a range of operating designs and associated performance attributes
  • Perform operational and financial evaluation to define the optimal solution and supporting business case