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About Twinlode Racking

The Twinlode Rack system is an innovative solution that maximizes storage density while ensuring optimal product accessibility. Distinguished by its dual-pallet storage capabilities, Twinlode storage systems are particularly suited for high-volume products that require quick rotation.

Twinlode Rack, known in the material handling industry as “Double-Wide Drive-In racking,” houses two pallets side-by-side in a single bay to increase storage capacity without requiring a larger footprint. This design ensures an efficient use of space and significantly improves operational efficiency by reducing the time needed for loading and unloading.

Twinlode Racking
Redefining Your Storage

Two Pallets at a Time

In the world of warehousing, efficiency and optimization are paramount. The Twinlode Rack emerges as a game-changer, addressing storage challenges that conventional, single-wide drive-in racking often falls short of.

At its core, the Twinlode Rack is a testament to innovative design. By accommodating two pallets side by side in a single bay, it instantly doubles storage capacity. This dual-pallet feature translates into several distinctive benefits:

  • Enhanced Space Utilization: Using 35% less overall square footage than conventional racks, Twinlode Double-Wide Drive-In offers a high-density solution for operations wanting to optimize floor space within an existing warehouse footprint or a new facility.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced space requirements mean lower property and energy costs, while simultaneous double-pallet operations reduce workforce hours, translating into tangible savings.
  • Operational Agility: Loading and unloading two pallets at once optimizes the workflow and minimizes potential product damage, leading to faster stock rotations and increased throughput.
Twinlode Double-Wide Drive-In Pallet Racking

These advantages make Twinlode Rack an ideal choice for various applications and industries. For businesses in sectors like cold storage, food and beverage, retail, and especially beverage and agriculture, the selection of racking can significantly impact operational efficiency and bottom lines. These industries require swift stock rotations and optimized space use – and the Twinlode Rack delivers precisely that.

By redefining storage two pallets at a time, Twinlode Rack is not just an alternative but a superior solution for forward-thinking warehouses and distribution centers. Elevate your storage strategy with the unparalleled efficiency of Twinlode Racking.

Proven Experience in the Beverage Sector

In the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry, encompassing sectors such as beer, bottled water, soft drinks, and energy drinks, Twinlode Rack has consistently emerged as the go-to storage solution. Renowned for its dedication to precision and efficiency, our team specializes in the meticulous design, implementation, and integration of advanced material handling systems. Each solution is crafted with an understanding of specific industry requirements, ensuring an alignment that resonates with the unique needs of every client. Entrust your operations to Twinlode Rack, where industry knowledge merges with proven storage excellence.

Twinlode 2

Key Benefits of Twinlode Racking

Our dual-wide storage offerings are compact rack systems, utilizing 35% less square footage yet maintaining high-density storage. These deep lane storage options not only hold more loads, thereby reducing costs and space consumption, but they also facilitate the simultaneous loading and unloading of two pallets, optimizing both time and financial resources.

  • High Storage Density:  Dual-pallet storage increases capacity.
  • Optimal Product Accessibility: Enables quicker product rotation.
  • Efficient Space Utilization:  Increased storage without a larger footprint.
  • Quick Loading and Unloading: Creates labor and time efficiency.

Partner with Us for Twinlode Racking Solutions

Navigating the intricate demands of warehouse storage, especially within specialized industries like beverage and agriculture, requires a partner who understands precision, efficiency, and innovation. At KPI Solutions, Twinlode Racking isn’t just a product – it’s a holistic solution crafted with precise attention from conception to completion.