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Digitize workflow operations with

An Automated Micro-Fulfillment Solution


Decreased Manual Labor

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks and open up more fulfilling career possibilities for warehouse staff.


Faster Time to Market

Empower your team to move products out of the warehouse and into the hands of your customers faster.


Scalable solutions

Automated fulfillment technologies to meet the needs
of your business as it grows

Micro-fulfillment solutions that digitize your workflow processes

Building a Micro-fulfillment System to Meet the Demands of eCommerce Buyers

Customers demand easy access to products, speed to delivery, and high-touch customer service. Micro-fulfillment allows businesses to evolve quickly and navigate eCommerce demand.

Supervisors at warehouse

In today’s modern world, this evolution is required for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors.

Convenience takes precedent over the in-store experience of shopping and businesses that can serve customers through micro-fulfillment solutions will win market share.

In Retail Warehouse Manager Uses Computer with Inventory Checkin

Micro-fulfillment systems put mini distribution centers in nearby urban fulfillment centers or in the back of retail stores to best serve local customers.

This omni channel shopping experience is becoming a necessity, as customers expect to access goods electronically and in-store with ease.

Lifetime Services

Solutions for the Grocery Store of the Future

Deploying warehouse automation in mini distribution centers:

  • decreases costs
  • improves inventory management
  • streamlines the process to get goods to the end customer.

Solve today’s fulfillment challenges with a scalable micro-fulfillment solution built for the customer of tomorrow.

Industrial 4.0 , Augmented reality and smart logistic concept. R

Need a Micro-fulfillment System to Meet the Demands of eCommerce Buyers?

Micro-fulfillment is Your Solution to Win the Market

We implement a full range of customized safe and scalable solutions 
crane-based ASRS in cold storage distribution center

WinCo Foods

Storage Design, Optimization, Integration of a Crane-Based Automated Storage and Retrieval System in a Temperature-Controlled Environment integrated by KPI Solutions
AutoStore AS/RS and Conveyor in E-commerce distribution center

Outdoor Network

Omnichannel fulfillment utilizing a hybrid solution from AutoStore, Geek+ and KPI Software
Beverage Warehouse Redesign

Facility Re-Design Boosts Capacity

Warehouse re-design focused on increasing storage capacity and pick locations.
Selective Pallet Racking

Do it Best

Omnichannel fulfillment utilizing a hybrid solution from AutoStore, Geek+ and KPI Software