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We are a trusted supply chain partner committed to providing our clients with flexible and scalable engineered solutions that transform warehouse operations.

Over 50 Years of Innovation

KPI Solutions, a portfolio company of ARES Management (NYSE: ARES), was formed in 2021 with the combination of Kuecker Logistics Group, Pulse Integration, and QC Software. Since then we’ve added SIMCON, PDC Consulting and Commonwealth Supply Chain advisors to become a premier end-to-end solutions provider.

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The Right Solution for Your Unique Needs

Delivering Project Success

We analyze, design, implement and support a full range of customized supply chain solutions to ensure it meets your specific needs.
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Connect, Operate, Optimize

Introducing our new Warehouse Software – Opto

Opto is an intelligent suite of software products that operates warehouses and distribution centers efficiently and economically, regardless of the system or hardware used.

Our Partners on Display at ProMat

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Split-Case Picking

A grid-based system of bins and robots allows for high-density storage and efficient retrieval, making it ideal for maximizing space and productivity in warehouses and distribution centers.

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Goods-to-Person Picking

An automated material handling solution that uses automated mobile robotics (AMRs) to retrieve and deliver goods to human operators for order fulfillment.

Robotic Intelligence

The system uses advanced computer vision technology and real-time motion planning algorithms to enable robots to quickly and accurately identify, sort, and stack products onto pallets.

Unit and Parcel Sortation

The t-Sort System is a material handling solution that uses AMRs and proprietary software to sort and route individual items and parcels for order fulfillment.

Mezzanine Systems

From conventional to complex systems, build up instead of building out with integrated mezzanine solutions that fit your existing industrial, distribution, or manufacturing facility.

Cooling Technology

Actively-cooled freezer and refrigerator totes provide the perfect temperature to freeze and cool orders — maintaining cold chain integrity throughout the entire process.

Bottom-Line Results


Greater productivity & Accuracy


Better Asset Utilization


Lower Operation Costs


Enhance Green Initiatives


Data/System Integration


Less Downtime & Fast ROI

Warehouse automation solutions

Throughout the years, we implemented a full range of customized safe and scalable solutions that elevated distribution performance