Powering The World With Smart Logistics

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Optimizing warehouse operations with smart robotics

Moving the World Intelligently

Geek+ develops comprehensive smart warehouse and smart factory solutions that integrate mobile robots, robot arms, computer vision, IoT technologies, and management systems inside the warehouse and the factory.

They design and upgrade solutions to help customers become more competitive and achieve their business goals.

Creating Value through Smart Logistics

Rapid ROI

  • ROI in less than 3 years
  • Lower initial investment required compared to traditional automation equipment

Increased Automation

  • Reduces labor costs by 50% to 70% for goods-to-person picking
  • Reduces labor intensity

High Efficiency

  • +300% for goods-to-person picking
  • 99.997% accuracy
  • Easy to deal with the peak time

High Flexibility

  • Flexible addition or removal of robots
  • Customizable solutions for multiple industries
  • No single point of failure

Rapid Deployment

  • Full system deployment under 2 months
  • Goods-to-person picking can be deployed as fast as 2 weeks
  • East to install on site, no ground fixed, flexible to transfer warehouse
Geek+ AMR fleet
Geek+ RoboShuttle
Geek+ Robotic Sortation