Grocery Store of the Future

Enabling the Grocery Store of the Future

As consumers continue to demand convenience, personalization and digital adoption, grocery and retail stores need to adapt quickly to meet the market. Futurizing your business offers the ability to provide omni-store solutions allowing customers to choose the type of shopping experience that serves their needs best.

What is the Grocery Store of the Future?

eCommerce and digital age consumers are not heralding the end of brick and mortar stores as we know them. While online sales continue to increase, personalized options and attention to detail are challenging to replicate. Whether it is selecting the perfect thin slice of meat from your personal deli or hand-picking your produce, or just the ease of trying on a shirt to feel the fabric, there is still an inherent need for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, it is essential to find the perfect blend of two worlds.

Solutions for the Grocery Store of the Future

Micro-fulfillment - Grocery Store of the Future

Automated Fulfillment In-Store

Emerging technology solutions provide options for existing brick-and-mortar stores to utilize center aisle for high-density story and space efficiency. Merchants can have groceries or retail goods consolidated in less than 10 minutes using customized solutions and technology.

Engaging In-Store Experience

With a more space-efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences, attractions, or personalized services. With no single point of failure the design provides customers with a near 100% system availability.

Omni-channel Shopping Experience

An omni-store is a physical store paired with digital services. This seamless combination enables customers to shop both in-store and via mobile device or digital kiosks at the same time providing a more comprehensive experience for the modern shopper.

Omni Store - Interior

KPI Partners in the Grocery Store of the Future


AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a robot technology company that invented and continues to pioneer Cube Storage Automation; the densest storage solution in existence.


Locai Solutions

Locai is the first company to offer a solution for grocers that allows retailers to foster a direct relationship with their customers through an engaging omni-channel customer experience.


Cuhaci & Peterson

Cuhaci & Peterson is a national architecture, engineering, and planning firm specializing in end-to-end commercial design solutions.

Cuhaci & Peterson