Warehouse Logistics Automation

You need an expert with insight into how you can meet the ever-evolving needs of your clients.

Unprecedented eCommerce growth has challenged third-party logistics providers to develop agile and scalable order fulfillment systems for their customers. Fast order processing for same/next day delivery plus extended services such as kitting and returns management further complicate the operation. KPI helps small and large 3PLs navigate warehouse logistics automation options that increase productivity and reduce reliance on labor to achieve an efficient, flexible, and dynamic logistics management solution.

As a company in the distribution and supply chain business, we know the difficulty in predicting what type of material handling solution your operation may need now and how your current operation can grow in that direction. You want a logistics management solution that works for your current client base but possesses the flexibility to serve future customers.

When you need an expert with understanding and vision of how you can meet the ever-evolving needs of your clients, let KPI fulfill that role.

Providing Material Handling Solutions to 3PL Companies


KPI represents and implements a wide variety of warehouse logistics automation solutions for third-party logistics, including Picking Systems, Sortation Systems, Conveyor Systems, and Order Fulfillment. We are an integrator, taking the best products and solutions from our diverse pool of sources and resources, and integrating them together in a custom-designed plan for your company’s unique needs. We can identify the logistics management solution that makes your operation more efficient and flexible, leaving you free to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Advantages of Using KPI to Supply Your Material Handling System

1. Saves Time and Money

KPI is an experienced material handling integrator. When you use us to improve your 3PL distribution and supply chain operations, you get the benefit of our vast experience and ability to pull together numerous efficiencies. This translates into cost and time savings for you. We are experts in logistic solutions, warehouse management, and much more.

Our third-party logistics providers of automation solutions facilitate a lower-capital commitment when engaging a 3PL. Because of our ready adaptability, you can more quickly and cost-effectively adjust to meet customer and supplier needs on an ongoing basis.

2. Allows You to Focus

Let us do what we do best — logistics management, material handling, warehouse automation, and more — while you do what you do best.

3. Offers Flexible Logistics Solutions

Our experience and expertise in designing and building solutions for every type of business operation give us an advantage and a range of flexibility that you cannot match with in-house direct handling of your company’s logistics challenges. We specialize in an array of third-party warehouse logistics automation services that you may not be able to offer in house.

AutoStore is the ultimate space saver. It is an ultra-dense automated storage and retrieval system. The Pioneer in cube-based storage, AutoStore has proven to be the best solution for a wide variety of customers in industries such as electronics, apparel, medical supplies, home goods, and grocery.

A simple yet elegant concept: A grid in the shape of a large cube contains towers of bins stacked next to and on top of each other. Individually controlled robots drive on tracks along the top of the grid collecting bins and delivering them to a picking station (port), where a team member selects the items(s) needed to fulfill the order(s).


  • Can reduce storage footprint up to 75% when compared to conventional storage options
  • Flexible, scalable, and modular design allows for the system to change with the business
  • Grid expansion can happen without stopping operations when additional storage is needed
  • The AutoStore system shows a combined average worldwide uptime of 99.6%
  • No Single Point of failure. Get any SKU at any time with any robot
  • AutoStore robots consume very little energy

Solutions for Third-Party Logistics Companies

We are knowledgeable in providing warehouse logistics automation, material handling, and management solutions to third-party logistics companies, including the organizations shown here.

Kane Logistics
OHLA Progress Enablers

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