Micro-Fulfillment Solutions

Building a Micro-fulfillment System to Meet the Demands of eCommerce Buyers

Customers demand easy access to products, speed to delivery, and high-touch customer service. Micro-fulfillment allows businesses to evolve quickly and navigate eCommerce demand. In today’s modern world, this evolution is required for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. Convenience takes precedent over the in-store experience of shopping and businesses that can serve customers through micro-fulfillment solutions will win market share.

Micro-fulfillment systems put mini distribution centers in nearby urban fulfillment centers or in the back of retail stores to best serve local customers. This omni channel shopping experience is becoming a necessity, as customers expect to access goods electronically and in-store with ease. Deploying warehouse automation in these centers decreases costs, improves inventory management and streamlines the process to get goods to the end customer. Solve today’s fulfillment challenges with a scalable micro-fulfillment solution built for the customer of tomorrow.

Micro-fulfillment Darkstore

Setting Up Your Micro-fulfillment System

Example: Grocery Retailing


The aluminum grid holds the bins stacked neatly while providing tracks for the robots to drive on. The modular grid can be built in any shape.



Durable, specialized, and stackable bins made to hold inventory and the weight of many other bins above.



Keeps track of everything. Always. This module is the command center, traffic control, and database holder of AutoStore.



Hardworking robots drive along the top of the grid and will retrieve any bin, from top to bottom, with gripper plates. All robots are wirelessly connected and will charge themselves when not in use.



AutoStore workstations are called ports. This is where bins are presented for picking, replenishing or other inventory actions. We have a range of ports for various functions and speeds.

Micro-fulfillment is an integral part of the Grocery Store of the Future.