Automated Distribution

Efficient Distribution Unlocks your Supply Chain

Fast and efficient distribution operations are more important than ever. With millions of consumers making orders every day, how you fill and distribute them can make or break your business’s success rate. How can you optimize your entire distribution network? Automated distribution systems and other types of technology can help alleviate labor challenges and speed order fulfillment—but how do you evaluate and cost justify the options?

Introducing KPI – a full-service automated distribution warehouse solutions provider and systems integrator, experienced in analyzing your distribution network, evaluating operations then designing and implementing best of breed equipment and processes. The resulting customized supply chain distribution solution may include traditional conveyance and sortation or the newest robotic technologies – all designed to reduce reliance on labor, increase flexibility and improve order fulfillment rates and speed.

Automation Builds Flexibility

We leverage automation including AS/RS, AMRs, AGVs and robotics to maximize productivity, increase scalability and build resilience with reliable ROI. We partner with leading automated distribution technology vendors and leverage KPI’s intelligent Warehouse Execution Software to orchestrate an efficient and agile operation with less dependence on labor. This way, you’re free to adjust your business’s collection of technologies at any time and find the right combination of solutions for your specific needs.

Warehouse Execution Software Acts as a Control Tower

Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S), our industry-leading Warehouse Execution System (WES) acts as your facility’s control tower, coordinating and adjusting people and assets. KPI-S enables peak warehouse operations and optimizes fulfillment by dynamically orchestrating materials handling systems assets with orders, labor and inventory. Through its proprietary intelligence and data-driven algorithms, KPI-S enables control, builds agility and maximizes efficiency for fast, accurate order fulfillment and optimized warehouse management.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your warehouse product management and fill orders faster and more effectively, KPI is the resource for you. Our automated fulfillment systems are the top-of-the-line solution for many of your common distribution issues, and we work hard to tailor these technologies to your requirements. Contact us today using the button below to learn more about how our automated distribution efforts can give your warehouse an edge.