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Integrated Solutions to Maximize Value and Efficiency

Micro-Fulfillment - Grid


Customers demand easy access to products, speed to delivery, and high-touch customer service. Micro-fulfillment allows businesses to evolving quickly to navigate the eCommerce demand. In today’s modern world, this evolution is required for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. Convenience takes precedent over the in-store experience of shopping and businesses that can serve customers through micro-fulfillment will win market share.

Beer Distribution


Distribution of goods is an incredibly important part of your supply chain. No matter your industry segment, a large portion of your cost-of-goods-sold is in distribution. Add to that the cost of inventory, return logistics, the demands of eCommerce, and client-specific requirements and it gets very complex. That’s where KPI comes in. We can analyze your entire distribution network and help you start with a strategy for your organization to rally around.