Customized Engineering Design

Our engineers simplify processes throughout manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse operations. This establishes the basis for future design while mitigating risks across our client’s supply chain well into the future.

Warehouse and Fulfillment Engineering


Engineering Design

KPI goes beyond delivering material handling solutions. Our engineers help migrate processes throughout your manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities. This establishes the basis for future design while mitigating risks to your business.

Our engineering design philosophy is a framework to review, refine, and develop advanced techniques and obtain the optimal human/machine overall layout design.

KPI engineers and system integrators measure the return on investment (ROI) upfront to develop transformative innovation and continuous improvement to enable data-driven business decisions of plant investments.


We understand how important proper design and management are to ensuring the success of your project.

Synchronizing logistics across the entire supply chain goes beyond installing new hardware or updating a software program.

Digital transformations are changing how warehouses do business and engineers with the expertise and skill to lead that transformation are required for success.


Industry 4.0

We ingrain Industry 4.0 thinking into every system design. Our design engineers are highly skilled at creating customized solutions comprised of leading-edge technologies. We stay abreast of new emerging technologies to ensure the solutions we develop deliver to the highest ROI to ensure your needs are met. Our transparent relationship is what helps use leverage the best system design to specific needs.

Our relationship is a partnership

We pride ourselves on creating the most customized solutions for every client based on their current and most pressing needs. We expand beyond today into their future needs and challenges. Understanding each client’s unique circumstances ensures that each solution is future proof and flexible to each client’s growing needs.

Example:  Coffee Processing and Packaging