Module 5:  Toolkit™

The Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S) Toolkit™ is a powerful, multi-purpose tool that provides the technology needed for fast and accurate communication with the host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and the lower-level Material Handling System.

The Toolkit™ has dynamic diagnostic capabilities for monitoring and troubleshooting. This application also provides RFID solutions to further enhance visibility across the supply chain.


Key Benefits

Provides interface links to industry standard ERP/WMS systems

Reduces system downtime with real-time diagnostic tools

Makes better decisions using extensive management information

Improves efficiency

Empowers users to create their own screens and reports

Key Features

FLEX Reports™

A comprehensive reporting solution, FLEX Reports™ provides all the necessary reports for managing orders, inventory, and shipments. Transactions are integrated into the user’s customized system. Users can easily create, customize, and print professional-looking documents. This application provides data on demand for greater visibility over floor operations.

FLEX Screens™

The FLEX Screens™ module of the Toolkit™ provides a user-friendly, highly customizable, and flexible interface for accessing, displaying, and editing database information.

Diagnostics, Statistics, and Notifications

Toolkit™ provides diagnostic and statistical analysis tools to monitor and troubleshoot system performance. The Notification Manager contacts key personnel via email or mobile phone when a system problem is detected.

RFID Solutions

Our software applications are designed to support RFID systems to help our customers achieve higher levels of visibility, efficiency, and security across the supply chain. RFID is an emerging technology that has been shown to streamline operations, reduce costs, ensure brand integrity, and improve customer service.

KPI-S employs full-time certified RFID specialists who work with leading industry professionals to implement the right solution that is tailored to the customizer’s operation. We provide consulting, training, testing, and customer support services to ensure each customer is fully leveraging our solutions.