Module 4:  NAVIGATOR™

The NAVIGATOR™ module, an integral element of the Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S) Warehouse Control System (WCS), optimizes the routing of orders on the conveyor system. This module coordinates real-time control devices to efficiently manage the workload.

The WCS acts like a conductor in an orchestra, ensuring that individual pieces of material-handling technology perform with harmony, precision, and efficiency. This is the real-time layer that controls conveyors, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), mobile transportation (AMRs/AGVS), and other parts of the material-handling system.

NAVIGATOR™ is the focal point for managing the operational aspects of the material handling system and coordinates the various real-time control devices to effectively and efficiently manage your daily workload.

NAVIGATOR™ optimizes the picking, sorting and routing of orders for accurate and efficient order processing and provides seamless integration to most of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), as well as custom programs.


Key Benefits

Gives a comprehensive view of floor-level operations

Provides a single interface to all material-handling devices

Eliminates inefficiencies of pick-and-pass picking

Allows for zone skipping

Ensures orders are processed in the right sequence

Offers priority-based routing

Simplifies equipment controllers

Centralizes decision logic in the WCS

Optimizes picking operations

Accommodates simple and complex routing

Key Features

Operations Manager

NAVIGATOR™ provides the critical link between the non-real-time host and the real-time Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based material handling system. NAVIGATOR™ coordinates real-time control devices, including sorters, pick-to-light controllers, and scales, to optimize your workload.

• Determines the most efficient routing and transmits directives to the equipment controllers.

• Maximizes throughput.

Sort Manager

The Sort Manager controls all high-speed sorting devices and is utilized in environments where single-source scan points are required. Where more complex environments exist and multiple scanners are required, the sort manager provides priority-based route sequencing.

• Easily configurable to handle unique business rules

• Allows for complex routing and zone shipping

Print & Apply

NAVIGATOR™ manages Print & Apply, which is an automated labeling process to streamline your warehouse operations. Our software leverages this technology in many ways, from labeling cartons at printing induction to applying labels as cartons are shipped.

• Eliminates the expense of preprinted labels

• Provides faster, more precise labeling

• Reduces labor costs

Weight Verification

NAVIGATOR™ manages in-line or tabletop shipping scales to verify carton weight. Weight verification takes into account the scales’ weight tolerances to compensate for variations. The user can uniquely configure the weight verification mode and tolerance for each scale.

• Improves customer service by ensuring order accuracy

• Increases picking accuracy

• Allows for improved efficiency when auditing cartons

• Highly configurable to your business rules

• Reduces labor costs by eliminating the need to audit every carton

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