AutoStore Integration

AutoStore Integration:  KPI-S A/S

We understand that not all systems require custom-configured solutions, so we have developed a standard product called KPI-S A/S that draws upon various components from our vast set of modular products and is configured into a product designed for fast, cost-effective implementation.

KPI-S A/S—Kommand Performance Intelligent Software AutoStore—is a software package provided by KPI. This software is required to manage bin configurations and bin contents, request bin movements to/from ports, and provide the user interface for port activities.

Common port activities include:

  • Induction
  • Replenishment
  • Picking
  • Inspection
  • Counting
  • Consolidation (Future Release)

AutoStore Conveyor Port

The KPI-S A/S includes all the functionality needed in many situations, including standard interfaces to Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) or Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), inventory management, put-away, order fulfillment, and shipment.

About AutoStore

AutoStore is a cubic storage and retrieval system for bins. The AutoStore system consists of the grid, robots, battery chargers, ports, wireless access points, and the AutoStore controller.

AutoStore bins are inducted at ports, stored in the grid by robots that access cells from the top of grid.

Bins are retrieved to ports where the bin can be inspected, bin contents modified, and then returned to the grid for storage. Special transfer cells can be implemented to remove or returns bins to the grid.


Key Benefits

Turnkey solution that can later be customized as needed

Interfaces with other higher-level software systems

Interfaces with AutoStore-provided software

Capable of running in standalone mode

Configures to operate differently at different sites as needed

KPI-S A/S Manages:

Bin Inventory

The contents of each bin. The inventory attributes will be fully configurable for each implementation, but all implementations will track item and quantity at a minimum.

Common attributes are:
• Item
• Lot/Batch Number Batch Number
• FIFO Dat
• Expiration Date
• Inventory Status
• Quantity and Unit of Measure (each, pack, case, etc.)
• Serial Numbers


KPI-S A/S interfaces with other higher-level software systems including Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), and WES/WCS (Warehouse Execution and Control Systems).

Always interfaces with AutoStore-provided software used to manage bin locations, port operations, and the robots including battery charging operations.

Provides configuration options for host interfaces, user interfaces, and within the process workflows through user friendly, browser-based touchscreen applications to allow the software to operate differently at different customer sites based on need.

Batch Activities

• Activate
• Suspend
• Resume
• Complete

• Scheduling bins to ports
• Picking product from bins to containers
• Releasing bins back to the grid


• Scheduling bins to ports
• Adding product to bins
• Releasing bins for return to the grid

Batch Picking

• Batch setup
• Marrying pick lists to containers
• Assigning locations to containers


• Scheduling bins to be inspected
• Inspection process
• Releasing bins back to the grid


• Scheduling bins to be counted
• Count process
• Releasing bins back to the grid

Module 5:

Warehouse Control System: