Warehouse Software

KPI’s Warehouse Control/Execution System (WCS/WES)—Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S)—is a customizable suite of cost-effective software tools with high-level functionality for your warehouse operations


Warehouse Control
System (WCS)

The WCS acts like the conductor in an orchestra, ensuring that individual pieces of material-handling technology perform with harmony, precision, and efficiency. This is the real-time layer that controls conveyors, automated storage and
retrieval systems (AS/RS), mobile transportation (AMRs/AGVS), and other parts of the material-handling system.


Warehouse Execution
System (WES)

The WES is the middleware between an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)/Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the resources necessary to perform various tasks. These resources include labor, as well as the Warehouse Control System (WCS), which controls the material-handling technologies.

The WES communicates with the various resources to manage discrete inventory, collect information, and direct work efforts such as order fulfillment, replenishment, and shipping.

Fine-tuning your warehouse

Our Warehouse Control/Execution System (WCS/WES), KPI-S, is an integration tool that provides operational insight and performance optimization throughout the supply chain. It is a flexible, tightly integrated system that has advanced management capabilities for inventory control, resource scheduling, and order management. It is modular in nature, easily configurable, and scalable to easily adapt to the customer’s current and future needs.


Our business is warehouse solutions

Over the years we have earned a reputation for innovation, reliability, and solid methodology. We collaborate with the best minds in the industry to ensure that our robust solutions optimize your operation and dynamic business environment. We have a track record of success in managing both simple and large, complex systems.

What makes KPI-S unique:

  • Connects “up” to the host Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Self-contained traceability
  • Connects “down” to factory floor
  • Manages work in process (WIP) inventory
  • Manages raw material (RM) and finished goods (FG) inventory
  • Directs multiple fleet managers (mixed fleet)
  • Expandable for B2B eCommerce (less than truckload [LTL] & mixed pallets)
  • Expandable for B2C eCommerce (each picking)

Bottom-Line Results

KPI-S Benefits

Modular Flexibility

KPI-S is a modular suite of software products that encompasses all the tools necessary to efficiently and economically operate a warehouse or distribution center.

KPI Software

The software consists of technology modules for the various robotic technologies we support. (AutoStore, Geek+, OTTO, t-Sort) as well as traditional material handling systems (AS/RS, Conveyor, Sortation, Pick-To-Light, Voice, and RF Picking). Customers can select only the modules needed and have the flexibility to add modules as their business grows:

Inventory Management System (IMS)™

A state-of-the-art technology to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations and data integrity. IMS™ maintains optimum inventory levels and accurately tracks inventory throughout multiple warehouses. 

Order Management System (OMS)™

OMS™ provides the functionality necessary to properly and efficiently execute the order fulfillment process. This module facilitates the planning, processing, verifying, and shipping of orders within the warehouse or distribution center.

Shipment Management System (SMS)™

A software tool that provides reliable parcel and LTL shipment manifesting. Powered by ConnectShip™, SMS™ offers customized shipping solutions to streamline shipping and order fulfillment processes based on the customer’s best practices.


The Navigator™ module is the focal point for managing the operational aspects of the material handling system. It optimizes the routing of orders on the conveyor system and coordinates real-time control devices to efficiently manage the workload.


A multi-purpose module, Toolkit™ helps operators and managers work in a proactive environment, ensuring on-time delivery and quality throughput. It also provides diagnostic and reporting tools to monitor system and operational performance.


The KPI-S/AutoStore module provides the functionality to drive the performance and operation of AutoStore. Our systems control the inventory and the systems that manage every function. This module exists to effectively manage the solution.

KPI Software Modules

Turnkey Solution

Our technology integration module allows configuration with various material handling technologies and is designed for fast cost-effective implementation.

The software includes all the functionality needed, including standard interfaces to ERP and WMS, inventory management, put-away, order fulfillment, and shipment.


Strengthening the Logistics Network

Supply Chain Optimization

Our customized and automated solutions improve planning, inventory,
order fulfillment, and distribution strategies.

Operational Visibility & Control

You’ll have greater end-to-end visibility and control using real-time data within a single system.


We use powerful data analytics to provide strategic insight into the your supply chain operation.

Integration Made Easy

From our customizable turnkey solutions such as KPI-S A/S and automated storage and retrieval systems to our fully customized solutions built from our vast product suite, KPI-S has been designed to integrate with a wide variety of technologies. As business requirements evolve, our software products and solutions continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing market demands.


Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS)
Unit Load


RF Pick

Self-Driving Vehicles (SDVs)

Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS)
Mini Load

Voice Pick


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)


Since our software is equipment agnostic, the modules can be implemented quickly into your current operating system. This is a very efficient and cost-effective way to automate your operations and improve your ROI without the expense of purchasing new equipment.


The modules can be added to an existing installation as a first automation step. As your warehouse or distribution needs change and/or expand, other KPI-S management tools can be seamlessly added. 


Our software is modular and user friendly. You can easily configure the modules to accommodate your company’s specific business requirements, changing warehouse needs, and increasing demand as your company grows and prospers. 

Outstanding Support

KPI-S includes service and support that are second to none. Through extensive planning, our experienced project engineers work closely with you to provide you with the best solution and a seamless installation. We do not outsource our support to a third party, so you can be confident you are getting support from experts familiar with your business environment.


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