Operations Assessment / Retrofits

Our Approach 

KPI’s team combines their operational expertise with engineering skills to perform a structured and analytical review of your current facility and operations. Our data-driven approach will evaluate today’s operations and identify process improvements to speed product flow, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance labor productivity. We can also review upgraded automation and product storage options that maximize space utilization and reduce dependence on labor.

We start our review on the warehouse floor to learn your current operational flow, interview key staff members, and gather empirical data for daily and peak volume. KPI’s experienced operators may identify “low hanging fruit” operational changes that can bring immediate benefits with minimal or no capital outlay. We also identify aging automation equipment that could be upgraded to increase overall throughput speed, decrease labor dependence, and improve overall facility productivity.

Operations Assessment / Retrofits

Our approach will review all aspects of your operation including:

  • Overall facility layout and process flow
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Pick area design and slotting
  • Productivity expectations
  • Automation equipment upgrades
  • Financial Justification

Boost Operational Efficiency by Assessing your Facility

Labor challenges and aggressive volume growth can leave your existing warehouse in a non-optimal state. A fresh pair of eyes from KPI can identify quick ways to improve operations as well as identify longer-term investments in new automation technology that builds capacity and reduces labor dependence. Our operations assessment review will help you:

  • Improve operational processes
  • Identify automation upgrades or investments to boost productivity
  • Build flexibility and capacity
  • Justify future expansion