Network Strategy

Our Approach

KPI’s experienced professionals use advanced modeling tools to analyze and define the optimal sourcing and/or distribution network that minimizes costs and risk while improving capacity and customer service. Our data-driven analysis will include all aspects of your supply chain network including customer data, transportation costs, fixed facility costs, and variable facility costs under alternative scenarios.

We start by working with your stakeholders to fully understand your business environment, challenges, and goals. Then we gather and analyze your data to build a roadmap that drives improved performance, service, and costs. KPI partners with you every step of the way to ensure our design is aligned with your business expectations and executable across your resources and investments.

Network Strategy map

Our approach will evaluate multiple scenarios including:

  • Number/location of source and distribution points
  • Product mix by source and distribution point
  • Expected customer service levels
  • Source decisions for distribution replenishment
  • Customer/store assignment to distribution
  • Alternative transportation options

Build Competitive Advantage with an Optimized Network

A flexible and cost-effective network is vital in today’s ever-changing business environment. By combining our engineering and operations knowledge, we provide a complete and individualized strategic design that will help you:

  • Optimize overall network performance
  • Realize cost savings opportunities across transportation, facilities, labor, and inventory
  • Improve service levels by reducing lead time and improving fill rates
  • Build flexibility and capacity by leveraging multiple distribution nodes
  • Reduce risk by testing the impact of alternative operating scenarios and constraints
Network Strategy map