KPI LifeTime Services

LifeTime Services Ensure System Uptime to Reach Performance Goals

LifeTime Services
Acting as an extension of your team, we are dedicated to ensuring you meet your system uptime and performance goals before, during, and after our engagement. Our staff experts ensure that your system will remain functioning as designed enabling you to confidently focus on achieving your business goals.

Our experience has shown that clients are most successful when the appropriate personnel are trained during the development, installation, and start-up phases of the project. Therefore, the same team that installs and commissions your solution is the same team that will service and support it for the life of your investment.

LifeTime Service Plans are tailored to meet your needs at a flat monthly rate. With a flat, predictable cost you can maximize productivity knowing that there is a partner available to help with any service challenges.

For typical solutions we deploy service and support, including:

  • Conveyor and sorter systems
  • AS/RS and high-density storage solutions
  • Automated palletizing, stacking and wrapping
  • Autonomous mobile robots and self-driving industrial vehicles
  • Industrial controls and software solutions
  • Picking, shipping and receiving solutions
  • Storage and structures
LifeTime Services Pillars

Introducing KPI LifeTime Services

KPI LifeTime Services plan acts as a valued extension of your team and assures you will meet your system uptime and performance goals by providing comprehensive support coverage, custom-tailored programs to meet your needs, transparent and predictable costs at a flat monthly rate.

LifeTime Services may include:

  • Inspections and preventative maintenance
  • System operations
  • 24/7 Live answer remote support and service
  • Modernization and rebuild programs
    Parts management, ordering, and warranty servicing
  • Operator and maintenance team training
  • Emergency dispatch services
LifeTime Services

Maintenance, Repairs, and Modernization Programs

Our experience has shown that clients are most successful when the appropriate personnel are trained during the development, installation, and start-up phases of the project. Therefore, the same team that installs and commissions your solution is the same team that will service and support it for the life of your investment. We also educate all suitable client personnel on system operational procedures until they feel completely comfortable with the day to day operational routine and we are available 24/7 to support them when they require assistance.
LifeTime Services Conveyor

Inspections, Maintenance Reports, and Preventative Maintenance

Our regularly scheduled maintenance inspections supplement your maintenance team and identify potential problems before they become costly. Routine equipment inspection/maintenance is one of the most important critical success factors that will assure you meet your performance goals.

Modernization and Rebuild Programs

As facilities and equipment ages it can be beneficial to integrate modernization or rebuild programs into routinely performed maintenance programs. These programs can be as simple as the scheduled replacement of conveyor lines, or controls upgrades, to more advanced modernization programs that may include the introduction of scalable robotics and advanced software solutions.

Emergency Dispatch

We know that your system uptime is essential to your business success which is why our goal is to work with you proactively to avoid big problems before they occur, but, when emergencies do occur, our emergency support and repair teams are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 Remote Site Support

In the event of a problem, the KPI remote site support team is available 24/7 to diagnose, resolve, or dispatch Field Service Technicians if necessary.

Remote Diagnostics and Recovery

The KPI remote site support team is trained to quickly perform remote diagnostics and execute recovery procedures. In the event that a problem requires an engineering resource to resolve, they are able to quickly engage the right resource to drive to a speedy and permanent resolution.

Resident and Startup Services

The KPI Resident Services program, also available as Startup Services, provides the highest level of performance assurance and equipment care available. All Resident and Startup Services programs are custom-tailored to ensure you have the exact support team that meets your needs.


LifeTime Service Maintenance and Repairs

Advanced Maintenance and Repair Programs

KPI site teams are trained to provide comprehensive onsite services for every line of equipment in your environment and your operation. For complex, highly automated environments, a small number of onsite service team members can provide advanced maintenance and repair services for multiple lines of equipment.

Onsite Support, Expert Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting

KPI site teams are trained to provide onsite support for operations, software, e.g. warehouse execution systems and warehouse control systems, controls, and automated equipment.

Site Startup

Once a project has been commissioned and the equipment has been turned over to the operational team, there can be a temporary performance drop that occurs while the operational team acclimates to owning the new system. This is where KPI Site Startup services can bridge the gap between project and plant ownership. By leveraging knowledgeable, custom trained technicians, your KPI Startup team can provide combined operational support, technical support, and perform routine inspections and preventative maintenance while supporting your team as they rise through the learning curve. Once your team is up to speed and independent, the Site Startup program can be converted to a remote site support program.

Training and Operational Support

KPI’s Training Services assist you in maintaining a world-class operation by keeping your team up to speed on a wide variety of areas including, safety, operations, software, controls, and high automation equipment. KPI trainers will develop custom-tailored training programs that are aligned with the unique demands of your environment and operation.


Parts Management and Warranty Services

Parts Management

KPI provides a comprehensive line of genuine OEM and third-party parts at competitive prices and works to ensure your parts needs are addressed based on your service levels, redundancies, part criticality and sourcing lead time.

We work to ensure you’re never down for lack of the right part. For clients with site service plans, we assist you in auditing your parts inventory to be sure you have the parts you need, when you need them and where you need them.

Warranty Services

KPI provides warranty servicing for all equipment we deploy and parts we’ve sold.