Last-Mile Delivery Strategy

What is Last-Mile Delivery Strategy?

An accurately developed Last-Mile Delivery Strategy goes well beyond a ‘re-route’ and entails a modeling process to consider facility costs, fleet costs, delivery asset types, customer time windows, stop service time, customer drop analysis, and customer frequency analysis.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Optimal number of delivery routes
  • Number of delivery days per week
  • Quantity/type of delivery vehicles (capability and capacity)
  • Driver classification
  • Route balancing (time vs. weight)
  • Frequency of delivery by customer
  • Drop size comparison
Last-Mile Delivery Strategy
Last-Mile Delivery Strategy

Tools Used to Model Delivery

KPI utilizes the Descartes software suite to evaluate alternative multi-stop, last-mile delivery strategies.

Benefits of Delivery Strategy?

  • Minimize miles driven, number of delivery vehicles utilized, and overall cost.
  • Improve delivery service with better route planning considering constraints and client specifications such as delivery time windows.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction with more on-time deliveries and minimal turnaround time to process orders.
Last-Mile Delivery Strategy