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Rapid Deployment for your Automation Investment Requires the Right Partner

Are you considering automation to optimize your distribution center? Are you contemplating new construction but concerned it will take too long to build and outfit? If speed to deployment is a concern, partnering with the correct solutions provider is the best way to make your new project a reality and avoid extensive lead times.

In today’s world of product and labor shortages, coupled with increased demand for automation equipment, many systems integrators are backlogged for years. The procurement of steel and supplies alone can cause some solutions to take over a year. Lead time for a new metal building can take up to 54+ weeks and finding new space to lease is becoming more difficult than ever. This presents a challenge for companies that are looking for rapid deployment of their solutions.

At KPI, we can offer a hybrid solution that accommodates your supply chain needs in months, not years. Because we work with a variety of automation equipment providers, we constantly review new options, blending them for the optimal solution in the fastest implementation time. From supply chain consulting through design and implementation, we can create hybrid solutions within six to nine months and optimize that design within your current footprint, without facing new construction or leasing challenges.

We deliver solutions using a transparent and collaborative approach from system design through implementation to completion. Having a partner that works as an extension of your own team ensures you are fully engaged in planning, budgetary estimates, project schedules, and design recommendations. Our partnership ensures any potential issues will be identified and resolved immediately.

With KPI, rapid deployment of your automation solution is possible.

We partner with our clients to design and implement a full range of customized warehouse solutions that elevate distribution performance, provide competitive advantages, and enable growth. Our data-driven, technology-neutral approach to engineered solutions transforms operations to boost fulfillment speed, reduce reliance on labor, and improve agility to quickly respond to market disruptions and ever-increasing customer expectations.

Speed to Deployment for your Automation Requires the Right Partner

KPI understands your need to rapidly implement new processes and technologies that support your customer promise for fast order fulfillment. But in today’s world of long lead times for equipment and installation, you need a supply chain solutions provider that understands the value of rapidly deploying your warehouse automation project.

KPI works with a variety of automation equipment suppliers so we can blend a hybrid solution that meets your supply chain needs in months, not years. Here’s what you can expect with KPI as your supply chain solutions partner:

  • Project planning, budgets, scheduling, and recommendations are collaborative and transparent.
  • As an extension of your engineering and logistics teams, we leverage the optimal mix of technology (both digital and physical) within distribution facilities and across the supply chain network.
  • Our technologies continuously adapt to evolving market challenges and scale as needed for fluctuations in order volume.
  • We have built successful automation solutions for leading companies in a variety of industries including retail, eCommerce, food and beverage, grocery, medical/pharmaceutical, third-party logistics, wholesale distribution and manufacturing.
  • We employ cost analysis to ensure proper budget expectations and avoid wasting time and money overdesigning or redesigning.
  • Our collaborative process eliminates any gaps and oversights with clear consistent communication.
  • Expedited scheduling results in faster overall project delivery.

With KPI, rapid deployment of your automation solution is possible.