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Ensure Peak Automation Performance with LifeTime Services

As companies continue to reassess the business case for implementing automation in their warehouses and distribution facilities, concerns about uptime, maintenance, and support loom large. After all, when transitioning from manual labor to automation as necessary for business success, you want to ensure peak performance with minimal downtime. 

To address those concerns, it’s critical to assess service and support capabilities when evaluating and selecting a systems integrator. This is particularly true when the new automated system synchronizes multiple solutions from various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with customized warehouse software. 

That’s why KPI Solutions takes ownership of every project before, during, and long after the go-live date, offering a comprehensive suite of lifetime services. These include:

1. 24/7 Remote Support

KPI Solutions staffs a full-time customer service and support department with dedicated account managers. These professionals attend each project’s commissioning, training, and go-live phases to ensure complete familiarity with a new system end-to-end. They also maintain a detailed library of reference documents for each solution. That, coupled with remote diagnostics and recovery capabilities, enables rapid troubleshooting and resolution of software, equipment, and controls issues. Regardless of the number of different OEMs integrated, we will always be the primary source for issue resolution when KPI provides the warehouse software to orchestrate the system. If we can’t resolve the issue, we manage and coordinate specific OEM support.

2. Field Services

Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep each integrated system running smoothly and maximize service life. KPI’s field service engineers provide contracted routine inspections, service, repairs, and emergency response. They also train operations and maintenance personnel during solution launch and after.

3. Resident Maintenance

On a contracted basis, KPI can augment or replace your existing service technicians with our own resident maintenance professionals. This highly trained and qualified KPI personnel work on-site at your operation year-round, performing preventative maintenance and addressing unexpected issues. This eliminates your need to hire and train these critical staffers.

4. Spare Parts

Every project KPI deploys includes a recommended spare parts list (RSPL) and base inventory of spare components. Your account management team also helps ensure you receive the replacement parts you need when needed. While we do stock a few key, long lead-time items, we proactively work with you and our OEM partners to ensure you have continued access to components in a timely manner.

5. Upgrades, Modernizations, and Retrofits

KPI’s customer service and support account managers continuously work closely with each client to ensure their software systems receive routine upgrades. Likewise, we regularly check in to verify that your system functions as expected.

Are you experiencing business changes? We can help by partnering with you on equipment modernizations, and system retrofits to enhance your existing operational process or capacity. 

Want to learn more about how KPI’s LifeTime Services are necessary when automation is necessary? Contact us today. 

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July 31, 2023