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News and Notes from a Busy Q1 ’24

MODEX 2024

Providing data-driven & cost-justified distribution solutions

2024 started with a bang, and that momentum continued to build during MODEX. The great response we received from our booth amplified that momentum!

Below are the Top 3 blogs we created in the first quarter of the year that have driven the most engagement on our website and social media.

We highlight these because they are emblematic of the challenges in supply chain fulfillment and how our capabilities can support business goals through consulting, project execution, expertise in the latest technologies, and more.

We work only in our clients’ best interests. How can KPI Solutions help you?

Simulation of warehouse automation workstation

Risk Mitigation via Simulation: Ensuring Seamless Go-Live for Warehouse Automation Projects

Warehouse worker in pick area of AutoStore system

The Reverse Logistics Crisis: The Avalanche of Returns

AutoStore and Conveyor System in Distribution Center

What are the Benefits of Blending Warehouse Automation Technologies into your Operation?

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April 05, 2024