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Food Industry Distribution Trends To Watch in 2022

The world is changing all the time. Therefore, businesses need to keep up and compete with consumer demand. This is especially true with food distribution. People want things like greater sustainability and more high-quality food products. Here are some food industry distribution trends to watch in 2022.

Sustainable Food Practices

There’s a growing number of sustainably minded people today. As the push for eco-friendly lifestyles takes precedence, marketing campaigns have evolved to join the cause. More consumers have begun to look for sustainable products and goods. It’s become a leading business trend to incentivize greener lifestyles by offering reusable packaging, reducing carbon emissions, and sourcing sustainable ingredients. Relatedly, there’s a growing push toward plant-based lifestyles. Whether they’re experimenting with Meatless Mondays or adopting a full-on vegan diet, more consumers today reject meat and animal products than before.

High-Quality Food

As with the push for more sustainable food practices, there’s also a greater consumer drive for high-quality foods. The new trend of “Reducetarianism” sees more consumers lowing their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs and eating more plant-based foods. This has also created a greater demand for high-quality animal products. More consumers understand contemporary industrial farming practices, which has directly shaped the trend of consumer demand for these ethically produced products. Even if they’re not adopting a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, consumers today are more aware of animal welfare and climate concerns. They want healthy, sustainable, nutritious food products.

Rebranded Packaging

Another food industry distribution trend to watch in 2022 is rebranded packaging. Consequently, it’s wise to pay attention to packaging materials. Consumers, especially younger generations, take a hard stance against single-use plastics, such as cups, straws, and bags. There’s a recent trend of greener materials that businesses and restaurants have noticed. Paper straws, compostable trays, and reusable tote bags are replacing their old plastic counterparts. Of course, these changes have led to a greater demand for environmentally friendly business practices. Much of this new packaging has circulated in universities, cafes, schools, corporations, and foodservice businesses.

These are just some of the biggest changes in food distribution in 2022. If you need help managing these changes for your industry, call KPI Solutions for help. Our grocery order fulfillment services enable fast and efficient eCommerce for your customers. Managing localized food and micro-fulfillment distribution centers can be a challenge due to the greater demand for online grocery shopping. KPI Solutions is here to help streamline grocery management for you. Call now with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help.

January 28, 2022