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3 Reasons E-Commerce Businesses Need Micro-Fulfillment

When it comes to running an e-commerce business, the way you deliver your products to customers is the key to your success. Whether you’re shipping across the country or locally, shoppers expect a quick and seamless delivery, and it’s only through embracing modern logistics that you can accommodate this demand.

Micro-fulfillment is one such strategy to ensure expert shipping. As a system of smaller distribution centers, these facilities create a network of resources that help better serve certain target areas. But that doesn’t even make up a fraction of the advantages they provide. Here are three reasons e-commerce businesses need micro-fulfillment solutions.

Faster Delivery Times

Micro-fulfillment can greatly reduce the time it takes for online orders to reach a customer’s door. Since each area has its own distribution center, processing and shipping orders can happen much more efficiently. No longer do you need to transport items directly from your main manufacturing plant. With each facility closer in proximity to your buyers, delivery times greatly decrease. This leaves you with more satisfied customers and more time in the day to fill a larger quantity of orders.

Reduced Labor and Delivery Costs

Because delivery is more efficient with a micro-fulfillment system, you also experience a decrease in the amount of funds and labor needed during this process. Delivery drivers spend less time on the road, and smaller fulfillment facilities only receive orders in their specific area. As such, you don’t need to devote as many resources to each one independently.

Easy To Scale With Demand

One of the most important reasons why e-commerce businesses need a micro-fulfillment system is the ease of future scalability. Demand for a certain range of products doesn’t look the same everywhere. In fact, it’s common for some regions to have a higher demand for an item than others. Micro-fulfillment makes it possible to increase the size of the facilities in those hire-demand areas as you see fit. This way, you can better accommodate the growing need for your product and appease some of your bigger markets.

If you’re interested in micro-fulfillment solutions for your e-commerce business, KPI Solutions is the resource for you. Our team will work with your facilities to find the perfect mixture of technology for your needs. We provide custom solutions for every client to ensure that you receive the output that works for you and no one else. Call now to learn more about how our professionals can help you gain better flexibility and automation for your logistics processes.

March 08, 2022