Order Fulfillment Solutions

Streamlined Order Fulfillment Solutions for Warehouses

Order fulfillment management is a multilayered approach that begins when inventory is received at a warehouse and ends upon shipment to the final customer. No matter your industry, order fulfillment is a complex and expensive system to establish.

A fully integrated warehouse fulfillment solution streamlines the customer experience, allowing your team to manage warehouse technology while meeting the ever-changing needs of customers. KPI’s Kommand Performance Intelligent Software (KPI-S) is our proprietary Warehouse Control/Execution System (WCS/WES) software designed for optimizing warehouse operations.

Modern consumers are looking for a rapid shipment timeline, and expect that if items are not on-time they may purchase elsewhere. A reliable order fulfillment solution builds confidence in your process and ensures a lasting impact on the customer experience.

Customizing your Order-Fulfillment Strategy

Consumer needs and tastes are rapidly changing and the dominance of eCommerce has changed customer expectations. Futurizing your business with new order fulfillment management technology enables you to meet the demands of consumer taste while increasing the utilization of existing assets.

KPI is your partner for aligning a strategy that manages both complex order assembly and accurate fulfillment.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management System (IMS)™

KPI’s state-of-the-art IMS™ technology improves the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations through data integrity. Understanding what items are currently in your warehouse, and aligning those with both projections and online sales, ensures long-term customer satisfaction.


Order Management System (OMS)™

The KPI-S order fulfillment solution is the backbone of the Warehouse Execution System. OMS™ streamlines the ordering process by facilitating the planning, processing, verification and shipping of orders.

Shipment Management System (SMS)™

SMS™ provides the tools needed to ship products anywhere in the world using carrier-compliance parcels and LTL shipping manifests. With connections to all major carriers, it’s easy to customize processes to fit the needs of your business.

Shipment Management System

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