Voice Picking

How is Voice Picking Used in the Workplace?

Voice picking technology is a proven solution for improving order picking accuracy and efficiency. At KPI, our voice picking solution combines one of the best Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) available on the market today with your choice of non-proprietary headsets.

Through the headset, employees provide voice instructions for pickers, such as specific locations of items and the quantity of the item to pick. Using voice recognition software, the order pickers are then able to interpret the employee’s voice commands and accurately fulfill orders.

Voice Picking

Just a Few of the Benefits of KPI’s Voice-Picking Solution:

  • Fewer mistakes:  Because workers are prompted and must respond correctly, KPI’s Voice Picking solution ensures that errors almost never happen. It’s like having a “manager on the shoulder” of each worker.

  • Significantly increased accuracy:  KPI’s Voice Picking solution has proven to deliver the highest recognition accuracy in the most demanding industrial environments.

  • Reduced training time:  New employees get up to standard performance levels more quickly with KPI’s Voice Picking solution, and your supervisors will spend less one-on-one time to get them there.

  • Improved workplace safety:  By freeing the eyes and hands of employees, voice technology can help decrease accidents.\

Additional benefits include:

  • Faster pick rates
  • Increased visibility into your warehouse operations
  • Productivity monitoring

Increase Efficiency and Profitability with Voice Picking Systems

Aside from the immediate savings that you will derive from operational efficiencies gained with voice software solutions, you will get the long-term benefits of portability, scalability, and adaptability.

Software is the key to agility…and our voice picking software is proven. A voice-directed system is only as good as the software directing it. We will put our software up against anyone’s. It has been continually improved for over 12 years and is currently working in hundreds of warehouses.

Voice picking should adapt to your warehouse, not the other way around. Our voice picking software is easier to integrate, easier to use, and easier to change.

Don’t make the mistake of getting locked into proprietary hardware or custom programmed voice software solutions. Providing worker productivity and accuracy is no longer enough…the real measure of a voice pick solution is to offer the highest level of flexibility, control, and configurability available to meet your warehouse challenges head-on.

Voice Picking

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