BeerStor™ Beverage Warehouse Storage System

The BeerStor™ Solution: Stack IT in your favor!

KPI has developed BeerStor™, a racked pallet storage system that uses the right blend of proven technology to maximize pallet storage while providing significant efficiencies in your warehouse. BeerStor™ is different from other pallet storage systems because it can grow into and be compatible with any components added in the future.

Want to start purely with pallet storage to keep costs down? Need to add VoicePick or a WMS later? Do you want to incorporate a shuffling and picking component at a later date? All of these components can easily be added later, giving your warehouse a growth path for the future without the worry of having to replace what you have already invested in. BeerStor™ from KPI has assembled the most reliable and cost-effective pallet storage systems technologies in the world to provide beer wholesalers the reliability, flexibility, and certainty they require in the increasingly changing beverage world.

Position Your Distributorship for the Future While Substantially Increasing Profits

BeerStor Graph
  • 50% or greater pallet storage in your existing space. No costly additions.
  • Scalable from 1.5 to 15 million cases a year.
  • Return on investment in 3-5 years! A new expansion won’t get you that.
  • Touch 70-80% of your pallets once! Eliminates the need for time-consuming/unproductive shuffling of pallets. NO restocking pick locations for your top moving SKUs. NO rotating bulk storage to create lanes or keep up with date codes.
  • Significantly lower labor costs with increased accuracy. Control inventory!
  • Millions less than other automated systems!

Innovative Pallet Storage Solutions

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