BeerStage™ Industrial Automation System

The BeerStage™ Solution: Position your distributorship for the future while substantially increasing profits!

  • Ideal for distributors selling 8 million cases or more per year.
  • A variety of industrial automation solutions for every level up to fully built SKU and/or account-based pallets.
  • Significantly lower labor costs while increasing accuracy.
  • Provides easy and accurrate inventory control.
  • Cost millions of dollars less than other industrial automation systems on the market.
    Estimated 2-4 year return on investment.
  • Our unique design was described by a leading beverage industry consultant as “Elegant . . . yet simple.”
  • Designed for wholesalers distributing 10 million cases or more per year
  • Case Study: 10 case/year wholesaler:
    • Our design handles 4,808 cases per hour, 499 SKUs, and ships 38,462 cases in ONE 8 hour shift with NO overtime.
    • We do this with six full-time employees!
    • Solution works equally well in a SKU-based, account-based, or blended picking environment.

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