Custom Solutions Across Industries

Grocery and Food Retailers

Food / Grocery

Online grocery shopping is pushing the need for better grocery fulfillment solutions including the use of automation, robotics and localized micro-fulfillment distribution centers. Futurizing the grocery shopping experience is meeting the needs of consumers for years to come.


Retail / eCommerce

Retail distribution companies need retail distribution software partnered with reliable automation solutions to maximize order fulfillment capabilities. The simple fact is that your company makes more money when you are able to process orders efficiently and rapidly.



Just as it has always been, one of the key ingredients to a successful manufacturing operation is the ability to innovate and adapt. This includes implementing up-to-date processes, capabilities, and the latest warehouse fulfillment solution. With updated material handling solutions you can increase your company’s efficiency and benefit your partners as well as end consumers.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


While every supply chain is important, healthcare logistics and pharmaceutical material handling are particularly reliant on innovative warehouse management systems. Staying organized and getting products to consumers on time is of the utmost importance when it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-party logistics – it’s just one piece of the logistics, distribution, and supply management industry. This is when a company uses a third-party business to outsource some or all of the distribution and fulfillment of their own products and is sometimes abbreviated as 3PL or TPL. KPI helps small and large businesses alike achieve efficient, dynamic logistics management solutions.



When it comes to distribution, supply chain management, and industrial automation, the protein market presents immense challenges for fast, rugged, accurate, continuously running systems. KPI has provided protein supply chain management solutions from the most sophisticated order picking and conveyor systems in the industry to basic storage structures.



KPI has proven experience in the design, installation, and support of automated book order fulfillment systems. We have delivered top-of-the-line warehouse automation and inventory systems—from tilt tray sorters to batch carts—to diverse book distribution centers throughout the United States. Installing book distribution material handling solutions will increase book order fulfillment efficiency and in turn, profits and overall success.