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The Value You Get

Our Outsourcing Strategy services help companies properly identify their needs and what 3PL(s) will best meet those needs.

Our experienced consultants will ensure that you are not being taken advantage of in your 3PL agreement.



Our Outsourcing Strategy provides:

  • Independent and objective recommendations
  • A complete analysis of the options
  • Business case and deliverables to support the decision
  • Help in the next phase, 3PL Selection, if needed

Example questions we will address for you include:


How much would it cost annually if I were to manage distribution internally?


How much labor is required?


What additional costs should I consider?


How much can I expect to spend for a 3PL and what services do they provide?


What service levels could I achieve in each scenario?


What are the key characteristics of my business that may impact each scenario?

Should you outsource or insource?

We help you determine the costs and benefits of each.

KPI Solutions Consulting will explore answers for your specific business over the engagement, including developing an operational profile, project plan, and future visioning to determine a long-term solution.

KPI Solutions’ Consulting

We provide objective guidance to ensure the best decision for your company

We will explore the many aspects of this decision and provide you with the information to make a confident decision along with an action plan to move forward.

We can also assist you with 3PL Selection. KPI provides that service independently and with objectivity.

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