Utz Quality Foods CASE STUDY

Innovative Solutions for a Generations-old Brand

Hanover, PA

Utz Quality Foods

Since their modest beginnings in 1921, food safety has always been a top priority at Utz Quality Foods. Producing millions of pounds of snacks at their Hanover, Pennsylvania manufacturing facility Utz needed to ensure the integrity of every item distributed.

The Challenge

In addition to straightforward cases of bagged product, various sizes of plastic jugs containing cheese balls and snack mix had to be conveyed to the X-ray system via Hytrol roller conveyor. Some jugs were tall, skinny, or oddly shaped, making them unstable.

The team chose to use NEDCO table-top conveyors similar to those used in bottling operations to transport the jugs securely through the X-ray machine to the palletizing operation.

Utz Quality Foods
Utz Quality Foods

The Solution

KPI, in collaboration with Hytrol Conveyor Company, devised a solution using x-ray detection and innovative automation technology to maintain quality control by carefully detecting foreign objects and missing products.

With a wide variety of packaging styles, managing each item produced required customized attention to detail to transport items through quality control to palletizing.