Coffee Manufacturing Case Study

Sumner, WA / Knoxville, TN / Spartanburg, SC

Coffee Manufacturing

Key Solutions

  • 88 Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR for Production Delivery) and automatic machine interfaces
  • 10 VNA Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV for Raw Material Warehouse)
  • 18 Fork Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV for Finished Goods Warehouse)
  • 12 Central Palletizing Robots
  • 12 Spiral conveyors and MDR transportation conveyor
  • Warehouse Management/Execution System
Coffee Manufacturing
Coffee Manufacturing

The Value

  • Lowest cost of manufacturing in the network
  • 100% “lights out” operation for warehouses
  • Autonomous “self-driving” technology
  • Fully robotic palletizing and automated forklifts
  • Automated vehicle to machine interfaces
  • WES – Warehouse Execution System
  • Digital inventory control
  • Expandable for eCommerce
  • Proof of Principal for Custom Cobotics Tooling
  • Scalable fleet design for future expansion
Coffee Manufacturing