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Beauty Supply Company

Design and implement a fully-automated system for omnichannel fulfillment


The Client

An American chain of 1,200+ beauty stores headquartered in the Midwest, that carries cosmetics, fragrances, nail products, and bath and body products.

The Challenge

Due to the growth in omnichannel order fulfillment requirements, the company needed to increase the speed and efficiency of its order-picking process. They also needed to add batch-picking capability and gain productivity by grouping multiple orders together. They engaged KPI Integrated Solutions to design and implement a new fully automated system to meet their current and future retail and eCommerce fulfillment needs.

The Solution

KPI implemented a new WES/WCS integrated with their existing SAP-directed order fulfillment software. Pick-to-Light batch carts were installed, allowing workers to pick two, four, six, or eight orders simultaneously and increasing their lines per hour from 140 to 350. KPI also integrated a completely automated shipping system that included high-speed shoe sorters, high-speed merges, automated empty box lines, and intelligent sorting.

The Value

  • Increased efficiency with light-directed cart picking within pick modules
  • Ability to batch pick up to eight orders at the same time
  • Increased accuracy